Victoria & David Beckham Swear By This Skincare Treat You Almost Certainly Own

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taking time to make sure you properly cleanse, tone, and moisturise is an absolute must. I mean did you know apparently you're supposed to double cleanse? Whatever that means? I mean if you're even arsed to do the first few things. But for some people, looking good is a part of their personal brand. So you bet they find the time to tweeze and squeeze and moisturise and cleanse probably several times a day. The likes of the Beckhams for example. And it's been revealed that David & Victoria Beckham use sheet masks together. Wow talk about couple pampering goals.

The big reveal was made by Victoria when she spoke to Glamour Magazine ahead of her appearance in their Autumn/Winter issue. Spilling not only the tea with her famous sense of humour.

"Myself and David share skincare," she said. "The Beckhams do sometimes lie in bed both wearing Sarah Chapman face masks. When we have the time, we like to do those things. It’s important that whatever I do works for men and women. Men and women all around the world of any age can enjoy this. It was the same message we had in the Spice Girls days and we’re saying it again now – it’s about inclusivity."

Well hello fabulous. The stylish couple do have complexions to die for so I mean maybe we should all be investing in these masks? And lord knows that Victoria is passionate about high quality beauty and skincare. I mean for goodness sake she's only gone and launched her own line. The range launched on Sept 14 with incredibly stylish make up offerings. And the proof will be in the pudding when her skincare range launches as well.

Victoria's desire is for her new beauty and make up range to be completely "clean", meaning none of the nasty extra hidden chemicals that are so harmful to us and the environment. As a matter of fact she spoke to Glamour about the range explaining her passionate approach to ensuring the range isn't harmful to the environment. Not only as a conscientious consumer but as a parent.

"I look at the kids – and schools are doing a really good job at educating children on sustainability. Me and Romeo had a whole conversation about sustainability the other day because he got these Adidas trainers that have been made out of plastic from the ocean. Harper talks about it, too. Our generation has to catch up because it is quite new to so many people," she said.

Victoria's move towards being more aware of the wastage in the beauty industry is vital. According to Glamour, her products use minimal plastic and as many biodegradable materials in them as is possible. Which is pretty cool when you consider that according to Zero Waste, over 120 billion units of packaging are produced annually by the booming global cosmetics industry. And guys, the majority of these items are covered in plastic. And considering how much paper, plastic, and metal is used in creating this packaging, a new brand that's taking a more environmentally aware approach is more than welcome in the industry.