Videos Of 'Bachelorette' Star Ryan Playing Banjo Will TOTALLY Melt Your Heart

ABC/Paul Hebert

In an early preview for The Bachelorette's new season (which took place during Arie's finale), fans got a glimpse at some of the men pursuing Becca. One came prepared with with a song in his heart and a banjo in his hand. Unlike some serenade situations it was not cringe-worthy and may have even left you wanting more. The videos of Ryan from The Bachelorette playing banjo will keep you busy between episodes and fill you in on his musical family.

First of all, just the fact that Ryan describes his profession as "banjoist" is wild. Not bluegrass musician. Not banjo player. Banjoist. According to his ABC bio, he also plays guitar, ukelele, and trombone. He doesn't appear to be in a band or anything outside of his own family. There isn't an iTunes account or a Soundcloud you can check out, unfortunately. But his talents are clear. According to his LinkedIn he is currently living in Manhattan Beach, California and working as a landscape designer and contractor. Music is not his primary profession. That said, "banjoist" does certainly sound more fun. You'd probably put it on your Bachelorette bio as well.

Honestly, Ryan could have just played his Instagram "link in bio" as a first impression on The Bachelorette and been golden. The video of him and his brothers singing at a wedding is the cutest thing ever. Wanting for more banjo, however? Here are a view videos of Ryan on the banjo that will make you thankful summer is just around the corner.

The Intro

Just as a refresher, this is Ryan's musical entrance on the Bachelorette reveal, complete with a song about the leading lady. "I've heard many wonderful things about you," he said after the song, not quite as confident as when he was playing and singing — which is cute, honestly. "I can't wait to get to know you. We'll have a great time." The jacket is really something special, too. "Feeling pretty groovy," he said about the lewk.

Summer Days

Now for refreshing. This is "The Flounders," also known as Ryan, his brother Nate, and their father, all playing together in Massachusetts. Seems like an unofficial group, but Ryan easily steals the show with the 'jo. This is another look, fashion-wise, too.

Come Sail Away

Deep in his brother Kurt's sailing company Instagram is this adorable gem. What's kind of great about his playing and singing in these videos is that it shows a decent amount of range. These little ditties are not all exactly the same. Some are shanties, some are more country/bluegrass. Additionally, does anybody else want to know the story behind that sunny banjo strap? It seems well-loved, to say the least.

Just Singing, Still Worth It

Music really is a family affair with this guy — Ryan's Massachusetts crew is like the Kennedys meets the Von Trapps meets the Country Bear Jamboree. Who could ask for anything more? Here are Ryan and Kurt performing together. They're rocking harmonies and everything.

Will Becca choose this guy? Their lifestyle seems pretty idyllic by the looks of these videos. He also has a pet pig named Bobby that goes sailing with him. You know, like you do. If there ever was a manic pixie dream boy, it honestly might be Ryan on this season of The Bachelorette.

Ryan was an instant fan favorite after the reveal — and the fact that he sort of looks like Ben Higgins 2.0 doesn't hurt, either — hopefully he can keep that momentum up on the show. As his song said, the catch is those "25 other cats" competing for Becca's heart. Hopefully more playing like this, will help do the trick for him.