'Love Island' Fans NEED To See Kyra's Music Videos — Including One From 'Kidz Bop'

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Winston joined Love Island with his eye on Kyra, sensing a kindred spirit, and maybe he's onto something there. The former Big Brother cast member not the only one with other reality shows under his belt. Love Island's Kyra Green was on America's Got Talent. She's not lying about being a singer: the Islander has been in show business since she was a little kid!

Kyra and her two siblings. Tori and Riley, have a soul pop group called 212 Green. Yes, they have a Soundcloud. Kyra is the middle child, something she mentioned this week on Love Island. Now you know why family is so important to her: the Green family is so tight knit, they harmonize! They're based in LA now but the family is from Harlem, New York it seems safe to assume that those numbers are referring to/repping their area code. They took the America's Got Talent stage in 2013, during Season 8, and while fans didn't see them get eliminated they were clearly an established group.

She sings, she dances, she plays guitar. According to their AGT intro, 212 Green plays festivals, hospitals, and on the subway. New York buskers are no joke, you guys. There are actually some videos on their Youtube account of 212 Green performing in Union Square for commuters.

Here's a live 212 Green performance from 2012. They are introduced by their dad!

"I grew up in a family of hippies," said Kyra in an interview with People, "just do-whatever-makes-you-happy, so it’s always super hot to me when a guy is his true self and not just the norm and he’s confident in that.”

These hippie siblings are really sweet, y'all — look at them just jammin' a capella in a living room.

As the years have progressed, so have their production values. Here is a more recent music video:

Flash forward to 2019 and they have this video for their song "Throw That," dropped just around the time Love Island premiered. Do you have questions about the UNO cards in Kyra's portion of the video? You're probably not alone.

There are a lot more videos of Kyra and the Green siblings singing, dancing, and getting into shenanigans on their Youtube channel.

But wait, the most musical important discovery about this Love Island standout? Kyra was in Kidz Bop from around 2008-2010. Yes, that Kidz Bop. There are more so many more videos of Kyra in Kidz Bop and they're as super cute as you'd expect. But let's narrow it to one for the moment, and this Beyoncé cover is clearly her best. Kyra was channelling her inner Sasha Fierce from a young age.

Will Love Island launch 212 Green and Kyra's music career to the next level? Who can say? It's definitely clear that she's hiding a lot of talent in the villa. The "dance off" was fun this week, but can we get a karaoke night or something on Love Island next? Obviously, Kyra would smoke the competition.

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