6 Times Millie Bobby Brown Blew Everybody Away With Her Rap Skills

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's no secret that Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown can do just about anything: She's an Emmy-nominated actor, a model, and singer (who's shown off her voice on multiple occasions). But did you know about Millie Bobby Brown's rapping skills? At 15, the British actor has amassed an adoring collective of fans, some of whom are even celebrities — Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Drake, just to name a few. She's proved she doesn't need those music titans to show off talent of her own, though; she can hold a beat just fine.

Brown's character on Stranger Things, Eleven, has been a fan-favorite since the show premiered, because of her intense power and incredible abilities and resilience, despite still being so young. But Brown is no slouch in real life either. She first showed off her rapping skills after the first season of Stranger Things came out, before she even hit her teenage years. But even now, years later with Stranger Things Season 3 on the horizon, Brown is proving she just gets more impressive with age.

Here are some of Brown's best rapping moments, so you can remember just how awesome she is before you start marathoning the new season of Stranger Things.


Playing "Stranger Strings" On 'The Tonight Show'

This was the first time that most fans discovered Brown's rapping skills. While playing "Stranger Strings" with her castmates on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Brown claimed, "I can perfectly rap Nicki Minaj's verse from 'Monster.'" She wasn't all talk, either — despite being only 12 years old at the time, she managed to flawlessly deliver the verse even while spraying silly string at her co-stars' faces.


Performing In The Golden Globes' Cold Open

Fallon and Brown teamed up again, when he hosted the Golden Globes in 2017. Backed up by her Stranger Things castmates once more, Brown performed a short rap (which starts at about 1:25 in the video above) during the cold open set to La La Land's "Another Day of Sun." This led to the cast claiming that Barb was still alive, with Shannon Purser rising out of a swimming pool, because why not?


Recapping Season 1 Of 'Stranger Things'

Brown returned to Fallon's show in November 2017 to promote Season 2 of Stranger Things. Of course, Fallon couldn't let Brown's rapping talent be forgotten, and the show wrote an original rap detailing the events of Season 1. With Fallon as her hype-man and lyrics that cover everything from Eggo waffles to the demogorgon, was there any doubt she would kill it?


Surprising Fans Onstage With Maroon 5

Brown doesn't only rap on The Tonight Show, however. She proved she's also great in front of a huge crowd when Brown made a surprise appearance onstage with Maroon 5 in Nashville in September 2018 to rap a verse in their hit song "Girls Like You," taking over for the original rapper, Cardi B. Those are no small shoes to fill, but Brown held her own and performed to huge cheers from the crowd.


Making The Most Of Her Time In NYC

Brown was hanging out in New York City with fellow Stranger Things star Sadie Sink, and broke out into a silly little rap, complete with her usual British accent instead of an American one like her last few raps. Even though she was just messing around for fun, it's still delightful to watch her spontaneous moves.


Having A "Beat Battle" With Fallon

This one may be a stretch, but Brown came on The Tonight Show to promote the upcoming Season 3 of Stranger Things. She competed in a "beat battle" against Fallon in which both took turns singing songs to the same beat. Most of this segment was actual singing and not rapping, but there was a delightful part where Brown broke out into "Hollaback Girl," so it counts, right?

The third season of Stranger Things arrives on Netflix on July 4, and there's really no better way to hype yourself up for the return to Hawkins than to remember how charming and talented the cast, especially Brown, is. Now, can she do a recap of Season 2?