Visa's Rule Breakers Activation Had Attendees Talking About A Super Taboo Subject

Ryan Monaghan

There's just something special about being in the presence of empowered women that makes you want to toss every socially constructed rule you've ever known out the window, and that's exactly what Bustle's inaugural Rule Breakers event celebrated when the festivities went down in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. While there were so many important people and causes to celebrate during the day-long festival, among the standouts was Visa's activation that was all about encouraging women to have open, honest conversations about money.

The voting booth-style installation invited event attendees to answer four different questions, which were all part of Visa's wider Money Is Changing initiative. Simply put, the initiative recognizes that talking about money has always been seen as taboo, but now's the time for that to change. As part of their campaign, Visa commissioned a national survey by Lieberman Research Worldwide asking millennial women their thoughts on everything from gendered dating norms, to the pay gap, and even salary negotiations, and a summary of the survey's findings is definitely worth the read.

For now, scroll on to check out the details on the awesome setup that gave women a safe space to sound off on their own financial points of view.

Attendees Were Greeted With Inspiring (& Beautiful) Artwork

Ross Figlerski/Bustle

Rule Breakers attendees looking for a social media photo op need look no further than the eye-catching mural that immediately set a positive vibe for everyone walking by.

Then It Was Time For Some Voting Action...

Ross Figlerski/Bustle

A transparent box full of hot pink ping-pong balls were at the ready! Participants used the balls to cast their vote for each of the questions set up in the booth.

...Which Was A Judgement-Free Zone

Ryan Monaghan

When I went through the booth with my girlfriends, we each had opposite votes on more than one of the questions. Rather than feeling guilty about our opinions, I was pleasantly surprised that it turned into a jumping off point for us to hear out each other's perspectives.

Yes, There Were *Super* Cute Freebies

Ross Figlerski/Bustle

These clear totes are so on-trend at the moment, and anyone who participated in the voting booth walked away with one in hand.

And Naturally, There Was An Epic Photo Booth

Ross Figlerski/Bustle

Because what better way to celebrate breaking the rules with a group of your besties than with a series of well-lit pics?

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