Watch A Kitchen Sponge Become A Makeup Hack

The kitchen is the source of so many beauty hacks. A few weeks ago, a vlogger used a spoon and a fork to apply makeup and to contour. The latest kitchen innovation? A vlogger used a kitchen sponge to apply her makeup. On paper and as a concept, that sounds like a totally serviceable hack, more so than the utensils, which weren't so great for blending product but were a fun experiment nonetheless. So, how did the household sponge — you know, that thing you reach for when you spill something or to wash dishes— fare as a makeup applicator?

Well, inventive and adorable vlogger Lauren Blake Lucia turned a basic blue sponge into a homemade beauty sponge and employed it in two ways.

Lucia fashioned the sponge into the egg shape and it was the ultimate in DIY makeup applicator making! She traced her shape with a Sharpie, cut it out, and dipped the sponge in water. Again, just like a typical makeup sponge.

She used the soft side of the sponge to dab and blend her foundation and her concealer. She also used the angled side of her DIY sponge to buff out her contouring products. Lucia got creative with the rough side of her sponge, but more on that in a sec.

Overall, her DIY blender looked like it got the job done and then some, actually.

Doesn't this video make you go, "Hey! Why didn't I think of that?!"

Here is how she started!

It's like an arts and crafts project for the face!

Like most makeup sponges, it works best when moistened.

There it is in action!

And she uses it to blend, blend, blend.

And blend some more.

It also worked with contouring products.

But what about the rough, scouring pad side of her sponge? The creative makeup artisan didn't use it on her face, understandably so. The rough texture could scratch or damage skin.

However, she did use it to lightly exfoliate her lips before applying lipstick. So she certainly got the most out of her makeshift makeup sponge.

Since both sides of the sponge were used, it appeared to be a doubly effective and really cheap hack.

Images: Lauren Black Lucia/Instagram (11)