Walk, Do Not Run, To Trader Joe's To Try Their New Twist On Coffee

by Mia Mercado
Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you don’t understand why the internet is obsessed with Trader Joe’s, that’s probably because you haven’t had the esteemed honor to have ever been in a Trader Joe’s. It’s OK. The first step is admitting the problem. If that’s the case, the time is nigh for you to experience the glory that is their grocery shopping because Trader Joe’s has a new vegan nut milk latte that you can buy with your human money.

This prepackaged latte comes in a 12 ounce bottle and is the answer to all your caffeine dreams. According to the company’s Instagram post, the new latte combines cold-brewed coffee and organic cocoa powder. It’s naturally sweetened with dates and features flavors of vanilla, cinnamon, and pink Himalayan salt. It’s also non-dairy as it uses cashew- and almond-based nut milk as a dairy replacement.

Perhaps you’re not quite convinced of Trader Joe’s magic and wonder. And to that I say this: If it wasn’t a place of perfection, why would I be okay with saying the words “nut milk” so many times? Do you think I just walk around the world shouting about the wonders of nut milk willy nilly? No. That linguistic treat is exclusively reserved for special occasions worthy of the words “nut” and “milk” being using in the same sentence. Like, Trader Joe’s new Mocha Nut Latte.

The Mocha Nut Latte joins the ranks of other such Trader Joe’s coffee greats as the Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate and the very summery Coconut Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. They also have a limited edition Coffee Flour that will change your life/coffee cakes. Lest you think coffee is their only category of expertise, there are plenty of Trader Joe’s products you’ll be obsessed with like their Joe-Joe’s, which are Trader Joe’s version of Oreos and probably pair deliciously with this new Mocha Nut Latte.

No word on whether other seasonal flavors of this new dairy-free, no sugar added latte will be available in the future. But I've got some ideas should Trader Joe’s come calling, particularly in the peppermint mocha variety or perhaps something in a gingerbread. Should they or any other future Trader Joe's vegan lattes happen, we will be fully prepared both to fill our bellies and have to say the words “nut milk” out loud again.