A Cookie Dough-Covered Ice Cream Ball That Combines All Your Fave Desserts Just Hit Shelves

by Brittany Bennett

New ice cream options are in the frozen aisle of the grocery store and love is in the air. When you have no other weekend plans in the books, there's always a pint of ice cream in the freezer. If dairy products are your preferred ~social scene~, prepare yourself. High Road Craft Ice Cream's Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bites, called Wallops!, can be considered the event of the season. No, really, these ice cream bites are officially my Friday night date.

High Road Ice Cream began in 2010 outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The ice cream is not just made, but instead crafted to perfection. According to their website, the goal of each pint is to create an "indulgent, luxurious ice cream experience." Each silky spoonful is therefore more of an engagement than a bite. Every week there's a new collection of ice cream with fresh flavors. The Date Night collection comes with four flavors including Aztec Chocolate, Bourbon Burnt Sugar, Caramel Pecan, and Fresh Mint Chip. For $99 you'll receive two pints of each flavor, shipped to you for free.

Now a new way to indulge in ice cream is being introduced. And it's perfect for your date night — whether dessert is your company or bae is joining you. Introducing High Road Craft Ice Cream's Wallops!.

The Wallops! are bite-sized desserts that feature an ice cream center, enveloped in chocolate chip cookie dough and covered in a chocolate shell. ~Pause for dramatic effect.~ OK. This is very exciting. This new way to experience ice cream doesn't even involve a spoon. Skipping extra dishes is a luxury in itself. And then there's the high quality ice cream in every bite.

Wallops! come in four flavors. Each flavor has the cookie dough envelope and hard chocolate shell with different ice cream centers. Try the Mint Ice Cream, Coconut Ice Cream, Strawberry Ice Cream or Sweet Cream Ice Cream. You can't go wrong with whichever flavor you choose. Per the box description, each comes with four Wallops!, so it's probably best to stock up if you run into them in the wild.

According to the High Road Instagram, we should expect to see all four flavors of Wallops! in retailers soon. But its Instagram post announcing this latest and greatest innovation in ice cream consumption suggests that we let our favorite retailers know that we'd love to see Wallops! in stores. Just to make sure your local grocer will someday have them in stock. Not to be too dramatic, but, weekend plans depend on it! So, on your way to pick up your ice cream date, make sure to tell a manager you'd love to see them in stock.

Until then, you can always pick up a pint of something mind blowing in store. The "Retailers" story on High Road's Instagram shows that High Road Craft Ice Cream is available in Publix, Safeway, Sam's Club, and Wegman's. Call your local retailer to find out if High Road is available near you. Excuse me now as I make a date with ice cream for this weekend.