We Got 2 Body Language Experts To Analyse Alex And Ellie's 'Love Island' Kiss & WOW

by Louise McCreesh
Love Island/ITV

Well ladies, it actually happened. Love Island's Alex George and Ellie Brown kissed in Tuesday night's episode. Yep, the A&E doctor's luck finally appears to be changing, and it looks like he may have the option of an actual love interest to match up with at the next re-coupling as opposed to sticking it out with his friend Samira Mighty.

But let's be real here. Any girl that's been watching the show on the outside will know that if they couple up with Alex, their place in the villa is pretty much guaranteed for the long-haul. The nation adores him. So could Ellie be playing a game? And is there a chance Alex is forcing himself to be attracted to someone he's not out of pure frustration? Well, to answer that question the best way I know how — without the aid of a crystal ball or Paul the psychic octopus — I spoke to a body language expert who weighed in on the odds of Alex and Ellie becoming a Love Island couple. And I'm more than happy to report that things are looking pretty promising.

TV celebrity psychologist and body language expert Darren Stanton tells me that this kiss was definitely the real deal. He explains: "We see Ellie lick her lips, which is a psychological tell of attraction, coupled with a head tilt and Ellie beginning to play or swizzle her hair. This was very much a genuine kiss and the pair seem to be equally into each other on a deep level."

After examining the footage, Stanton comments that the fact Ellie and Alex were mirroring each other's mannerisms is also a great sign. "When people are in rapport and getting on well, they tend to copy each other’s body language," he continues. Stanton notes that the pair's eye contact is a strong indication that this relationship could be going places too. "Normal eye contact is 3-5 seconds, any longer and that tends to be a red flag that they are entering ‘deep rapport'," he tells me. "Top tip, watch this develop."

Well, that certainly sounds exciting. Do Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham finally have some competition on their hands? Could Alex and Ellie now be favourites to win? Unfortunately, their kiss got mixed reviews on Twitter. While some viewers were clearly made up for the pair, others clearly have their suspicions:

Clearly, one of the biggest concerns for viewers was that this kiss was one sided: Alex was feeling it, but Ellie just wasn't it. So what's the deal here? I spoke to body language expert and physician Dr. Jack Brown to find out. I'm please to report that it's once again good news, guys. Apparently, there were several tell-tale signs in the lead-up to the kiss that speak volumes about what Ellie was thinking.

Dr. Brown tells me: "Her hair adjustment is a signal of her psyche trying to dial-up it's alpha. This self-preening, on a date, also can serve to 'invite' Alex into her personal space. Her head tilt on the date is a vulnerability indicator too. For example, 'I'm letting you see my vulnerabilities' — not that she feels threatened. Think of it in this setting, a date, as a signal of 'I want to be touched by you and my subconscious is signalling this to you by me touching myself'."

ITV/Love Island

Of course, there's no denying that the kiss did appear a little awkward. However, Dr. Brown notes that this might not necessarily be because of Alex or Ellie. In fact, it's the table that could be to blame. "Never, ever kiss across a table," he points out. "The table prevents closeness in so many ways. It shortens the kiss and ensures no touching of chests or touching of lower torsos. It's makes it similar to hugging someone who you feel who you must hug, but don't really want to. We lean in to the hug, touching only the minimal parts of our bodies with our hips far apart. This kiss is similar to one of those types of hugs. It's as if the table is acting as a nun chaperone, preventing their bodies from touching and shortening the duration of the kiss.

"I would never recommend [kissing across the table]. Unless of course, you didn't really want to kiss, but felt obligated. Then the table may help you in such a scenario."

Love Island/ITV

Well, I don't know about you, but all of a sudden, I'm feeling a lot more optimistic about Alex and Ellie. So what's next for the could-be-couple? I guess fans will have to wait and see but I certainly hope whatever is in store for the pair, that it doesn't get interrupted by Ellie's flirtatious display with fellow contestant — and Alex's so-called "boy" — Wes Nelson.

Since Ellie joined the villa, Wes has been openly discussing the idea of getting to know other female contestant on the ITV2 reality dating show, aside from his villa wifey Laura Anderson, which — obviously — Laura is concerned about.

Love Island/ITV

“Today is definitely make or break," she said during Tuesday's episode. "If he’s sulking or in a mood and he doesn’t give me any affection and isn’t being fun and making me feel like a priority I’m not going to waste my time with someone who makes me feel like s*** about myself.”

Nonetheless — and, thankfully — it seems Laura is willing to fight for her man, which means Ellie may have more luck in her pursuit of Alex because Laura seems pretty tough if you ask me. And she's more than up for the challenge. “I will happily fight for him," she added. "I’m not going to sit back and be miserable and watch someone else move in.”

Yas, girl.

Love Island airs on ITV2, Sunday to Friday at 9 p.m.