Watch 'Mother!' Stars Jennifer Lawrence & Michelle Pfeiffer Defy One Of Hollywood's Biggest Cliches

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Between the two of them, Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Pfeiffer have seven Oscar nominations, 10 Golden Globe nods, and dozens of stand out performances. They are, arguably, two of the best working actors today, and, as if that weren't enough, they're going toe to toe in one of the most polarizing movies of the year, Mother! Lucky for audiences, you can watch Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Pfeiffer prove why they're two of Hollywood's best actors in this Mother! exclusive clip.

Lawrence and Pfeiffer are truly a match made in heaven in Mother!. That much is obvious from the clip in which Woman (Pfeiffer) interrupts Mother (Lawrence) with a glass of her special lemonade. It's clear from the clip that Woman is bothering Mother after invading her house uninvited. The two characters appear to be engaging in a sort of power struggle, though neither cares to admit it and both go about asserting their strength in different ways. Woman asserts her power by being loud and taking up physical space, while Mother's power is softer, more subtle. Watching Pfeiffer and Lawrence exchange lines in this exclusive clip from Mother! is thrilling, not just because they go up against one another, or share the screen, but because they do so without stepping on each other's toes.

It would be easy, for example, for Lawrence to let Pfeiffer control the scene. After all, Pfeiffer is a legendary actor who is returning to the big screen for the first time in years. On the other hand, the case could also be made for the film to act as a kind of passing of the torch from Pfeiffer to Lawrence, as if to say, "you're the new blonde starlet now." But the scene doesn't do either of those things. Instead, the Mother! clip defies cliche completely, and shows both Pfeiffer and Lawrence acting to their full abilities.

In the clip, Pfeiffer's physicality and performance is aggressive. Woman carelessly spills lemonade on the floor and sits down on Mother's couch like it's her personal throne. And yet, Lawrence refuses to fall into the trap of making the older, more experienced actor intimidate the younger one. Mother! puts Lawrence and Pfeiffer on equal, if not unsettling, footing. It's a credit to Aronofsky's direction, to be sure, as most of Lawrence's power comes from the fact that her character controls how we see Woman. The camera is either focused on Mother or showing things form her perspective, meaning in this clip the audience looks down at Woman, even as she fights for control of the scene.

This scene from Mother! should excite fans, especially those who were nervous about how writer-director Darren Aronofsky would portray his two female stars. Not only do Pfeiffer and Lawrence appear to give great performances, they also on the same power level, and it's turned all the way up.