Wattpad Users Spent 282 Years Reading The #1 Story

Who says people don't read anymore? Wattpad users spent 282 years reading the site's top story of 2016, "Chasing Red." I'm not even sure how that happens, to be perfectly honest, but clearly author Isabelle Ronin is doing something right, right?

For those not in the know, Wattpad is a self-publishing platform used by fanfiction authors and genre-fiction writers alike. Earlier this year, former One Direction member Zayn Malik used Wattpad to preview his first book, Zayn. Wattpad is wildly popular with readers as well, with 45 million users accessing the site each month.

With users spending more than 148 million minutes reading it, "Chasing Red" was more than twice as popular as the next most-read story, "Mr. CEO," and was read for approximately as many minutes as the next eight stories combined. Since 2014, Ronin's story has been viewed 122 million times, and is currently Wattpad's second most-popular romance story, behind the_rebellionxx's "Mr. Executive." It's also been the subject of intense fan response, with readers creating their own book trailers for it. Not too shabby for a story that "has not been professionally edted, editeed, edated, edited or profreed, prufred, proofread, pureed."

Check out Wattpad's most-read stories for 2016 below, and share your favorites with me on Twitter!

In all, Wattpad users spent more than 295 million minutes reading the site's Top 10 stories this year — just over 562 years.

Image: Davide Illini/Stocksy