Wavy Lips Are The Newest Instagram Trend For Bold Beauty Lovers

It seems like Instagram is always coming up with zany, creative beauty looks, and the new wavy lips trend is no different. A lot of the looks currently coming through on people's feeds might be out of the box and not necessarily work appropriate, and while some people might want to cringe and ask "why?!," you have to admit they sure are creative. Sometimes makeup isn't used as an enhancing or primping tool, but a mode of creativity and exploration, and that's where the wavy lips Instagram trend firmly falls into.

But if you have the urge to wear it on a first date or grocery shopping, then have at it. More power to you!

The wavy lips look came on the tail ends of the wavy brow trend, where makeup artists turned their arches into cartoon-like squiggles. "Just when you thought it was safe to go back on Instagram for beauty inspiration, makeup mavens have made it perfectly clear that they're not done making their facial features look wavy," Good Housekeeping shared. Seeing how playful and cheeky the look was, they thought, hey, why not extend the same courtesy to the whole face?

"We like to think this trend turns your mouth into a soft, fluffy cloud," PopSugar reported. "Wavy lips looks fabulous when painted with bold colors, so use this method for your Lisa Frank unicorn Halloween costume. Or, pair with your squiggle brow and be the trendiest frickin' person at your costume party."

The trick to the look is to extend the squiggles past the border of your mouth, to create an exaggerated wave.

It can sometimes have the effect of looking like melting ice cream, like @makeupbyalyson's take above.

While bold, look-at-me colors give the dips and curve some definition (and make a bigger statement,) you can still try it out with your nude and pink lipstick collection, too.

If you want a smaller pout, you can also carve the swirls on the inside of the borders of your lower lip, to make it more tight and defined.

Or if you're feeling extra creative, you can turn your whole face into a swirl, making it look like someone's peering at you through a heat wave.

While it might be a bolder look than most people are used to on a Monday to Friday, you have to admit it's super fun to play with!

Whether you try it out for Halloween or just play with it in the privacy of your bathroom, it's a pretty cool trend to dabble in.