People Are Setting Up S'mores Bars At Their Weddings & It's Almost Too Cute For Instagram


Wedding trends can be hit or miss. Some of them are so glorious that they become permanent fixtures of many weddings — like picking a seat not a side or having a whole bar devoted to actual candy. Meanwhile, some of them fizzle, like donut walls that take up so much space but have very few actual donuts involved. (Towers of donuts, people. Always towers.) But one new wedding trend that’s sure to have some staying power is wedding s'mores and wedding s’mores bars. They’re here to stay.

There are a lot of things that make wedding s’mores the perfect sweet treat for your big day. Firstly, s’mores are delicious. Fact. Secondly, they’re a fun activity as well as being totally delectable — and the campfire feel has a sort of rustic charm that's perfect for a wedding. Thirdly, the puns. S’more love coming your way, s’more members of the family. The puns write themselves. They’re bad puns, sure, but they're definitely there.

In fact, wedding s'mores have become so much of a thing that you can now find a whole range of products that can help make your wedding s'mores bar a reality Whether you want to have a proper campfire — which is atmospheric but also, you know, flammable — or just go for a little stand with a nod to the roaring fire, it’s safe to say that wedding s’mores are officially a THING. Here's how to make them extra special.

S'mores Favor Tags

One of the easiest ways to make your s'more-filled wedding a reality is with handy little personalized tags. You can add your name and date of the wedding and then create a little pre-packaged bag of s'mores ingredients. If there are any extras at the end of the night (which I doubt, but still) people can take the home as party favors. Or you can just take them home and live off of s'mores for weeks. Plus, this set is currently on sale to keep your s'mores station on budget.

Wedding S'mores Sign

I told you to expect some s'more puns. Use a sign to delegate a certain area of the wedding as the s'mores station. But don't be afraid to get creative — sure, you need the essential s'mores ingredients, but you can also mix things up with mint chocolate, other candy, or whatever else you feel like. Chocolate-stuffed marshmallows, anyone?

S'mores Wedding Bags

Bags like these are great — you can use them to hold your s'mores ingredients or they can be a handy s'more carrier, allowing people to eat s'mores without covering their expensive clothes in melted marshmallow. (I've been there, you never get over it.) With a cute little campfire logo, you can also personalize the bags to make them all your own.

S'mores Bar Set

If you just want it all in one easy place, then Etsy has s'mores bar sets that include a sign, two big buckets for marshmallows and graham crackers, plus little signs to help you label the toppings. All of the delicious s'mores bar goodness, none of the hassle.

S'mores Napkins

There's something understated and definitely wedding-ready about these napkins. They're textured (for classiness, I suspect) and they have little toasted marshmallows that are clearly crying out to be included in a s'mores bar at your wedding. Plus, we all know that eating s'mores is a messy business, so you definitely don't want to skimp in the napkin department.

Wedding day trends come and go — but s'mores are forever. It may be early in the 2019 wedding season, but I'm here to say it's the year of the s'more. A messy, chocolatey year it shall be — but delicious nonetheless.