Tweets About This Week's 'Bachelorette' Show Fans Are Unwavering In Their Opinions

To say that Bachelor Nation is invested in Rachel Lindsay's choices on The Bachelorette would be an understatement. The fandom came out in full force with tweets about week nine of The Bachelorette and proved that they have very strong opinions. Even though fans even know Rachel IRL, pretty much every viewer thinks they know what the Dallas lawyer should do next and stands by their thoughts.

In real life, people do not usually invest themselves so intensely in anyone else's romantic relationship, but that is so not the case here. There are fans who think Eric is the most sincere and ready for marriage, and then viewers who think he needs to get sent home because he's never been in love. There are those #TeamPeter fanatics, who applaud him for keeping it 100 for sharing that he doesn't necessarily want to get engaged after knowing Rachel for only a few weeks, but for every one of those, there are fans who are livid that he might not drop down to one knee if he gets Rachel's final rose.

But the most vocal tweeters of all are the ones talking about Bryan. There are some people who do not think Bryan should be punished for saying all the right things, and others who are not buying anything that he is selling.

If you thought Rachel's family and friends had strong opinions about her romantic choices on Monday night's episode, just take a look at what Bachelorette fans had to say.

1. Rachel Is So Into Bryan

How is this even happening?

2. Eric Never Being In Love Is Not A Big Deal


3. Peter Is Auditioning To Be The Next Bachelor

This is a good story arc to set up the next Bachelor season.

4. Eric Got Off To A Late Start

Unfortunately for Eric, Peter and Bryan's relationships are just light years ahead of his.

5. Bryan Is Not The One For Rachel

Including an engaged Nick Viall and Rachel's dog, Copper, on this list makes it very clear that this fan (and everyone who liked and retweeted her) is not a fan of Bryan.

6. Peter Is Everything

So many valid points.

7. Rachel's Family Knows What's Up

Hopefully, this ends up being true.

8. Eric Is A Catch

So much love for Eric.

9. Bryan Is A Little Much

Nope. Not the only one.

10. Bryan Is Getting Unnecessary Hate

Are the haters just overreacting?

11. Loving Peter Doesn't Have To Mean Hating Bryan

Fair point.

12. The Chemistry Just Isn't There With Rachel & Eric

Sad, but obvious.

13. Peter Makes The Most Sense

Is this going to deter him from being the Bachelor (if Rachel doesn't pick him)?

14. Rachel & Peter's Date Was Confusing

That talk was so unclear. Maybe it was just the editing?

So. Many. Opinions. These fans have given this "journey" just as much if not more thought than Rachel has. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out.