'Bach' Fans On Twitter Were Overwhelmed By Rachel's Hometown Dates

ABC/Rodrigo Varela

A lot of people (haters) give the Bachelor franchise flack for being an unrealistic fantasy situation, but that was far from true during the most recent episode. The hometown dates truly got real and viewers had some strong reactions. There were plenty of tweets about Rachel's Bachelorette hometown dates that prove the show is more real than ever before.

There was no sugar-coating Monday night. It wasn't about supposedly perfect families with white picket fences. The final four guys really laid it all on the line and so did their families and friends. Rachel had conversations about race with Eric's family. Peter's mom admitted that he might not be ready to propose after knowing Rachel for just a couple months. Bryan's mom told Rachel she would "kill her" if she hurt him. Dean's family was under the same roof for the first time in eight years. It was truly some heavy stuff.

Viewers were let in on what would normally be very private moments. The dates went from "Wow. This is so relatable" to "Should they actually be filming this?" Things really got intense and the fandom had plenty to say about all of the episode's key moments.

1. When Eric Said He's Never Brought A Girl Home

Is Eric never bringing another woman home really the worst thing in the world? They were sure acting like it since it was repeated a million times in the episode.

2. When Eric's Aunt Asked Rachel About Being The First Black Bachelorette

Eric's aunt kept it real and had an honest conversation with Rachel.

3. When Rachel Called Bryan "Baby"

Favoritism much?

4. When Bryan's Mom Said She'd "Kill" Rachel

Anything Bryan-related is acceptable in Rachel's eyes... even a humorous death threat.

5. When The Tension Between Bryan's Mom & His Ex Was Discussed

What was the real story there? Can this woman please stand up.

6. When Peter Said He Wants To Know Rachel Outside Of The Show

FINALLY. Someone being realistic.

7. When Peter Admitted That He Was Unsure About Proposing

It really shouldn't be a bad thing that someone isn't sure about getting engaged within two months of meeting.

8. When Rachel Got Upset By Peter's Reluctance To Propose

Seriously, Rachel? Peter is perfect in every other way. Let this one go.

9. When Dean Said He Hasn't Seen His Dad In 2 Years

Was a reality TV show really the best place to reunite with long lost relatives?

10. When Dean Was So Open About His Family

Props to Dean for keeping it 100 instead of making the situation seem better than it actually is.

11. When Dean's Date Got So Serious

Some very private moments were captured.

12. When Rachel Sent Dean Home After They Both Admitted They Were Falling In Love

Why did she say it back if she was going to eliminate him? Totally heartbreaking.

Anyone who says that reality TV isn't real didn't catch these hometown dates. In fact, it might have got a little too real. Even so, it was definitely an eye-opening experience for Rachel, the final four guys, and the fans.