Wells Adams' 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 6 Cast Wish list Might Surprise You

by Savannah Walsh
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If there is a voice of reason among the madness that is Bachelor in Paradise, it's bartender Wells Adams, the former Bachelorette contestant who has been serving up cocktails and advice for the show's past two seasons. He has quickly become a fan-favorite in Bachelor Nation, and he sees the process of the show from a different vantage point than anyone else. Now Wells has revealed his picks for Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 to Us Weekly, as well as his perspective on who works best on the show.

Some of his predictions for who from Colton's season might show up? "I think that Demi will probably come across as pretty normal on Paradise and I think someone like … Kirpa, who seemed totally normal, might end up being really entertaining there," he said to Us Weekly. "That place makes you crazy because it's super hot, there's no A.C., there's crabs everywhere, there's nothing to do but hang out with everybody. So it just brings out a lot of weird emotions."

Paradise fans have definitely gotten their share of "weird emotions" while watching the show, which is expected to air this summer on ABC. But unlike the Bachelor or Bachelorette, the spinoff show can act as a much-needed second chance for contestants who may have been branded a villain on their original season.

"My experience being the bartender on that show is that the people that you love to hate, you end up loving to love them," Adams told the publication. "Like, they get to actually really be their true selves on the show and the people that you thought were great end up seeing different than who they were on the previous show."

One such contestant for Adams was Krystal, the "villain" of Arie's season of The Bachelor. In addition to getting engaged to Chris Randone on Paradise, Krystal also got to change people's minds about who she is as a person. "When I got to know her, she was so normal and such a wonderful person and I love that part of the show, that it gives people a redemption story, you know?" Adams said.

Paradise has been known to contribute more than just a redemption story. Leaning into the more hilarious aspects of the Bachelor franchise, the spinoff embraces cheesy intros, outlandish dates, and a more laid back beach bungalow instead of the iconic mansion. Plus, some of the most successful Bachelor Nation couples from Jade and Tanner to Carly and Evan, formed on the beach of Paradise.

Adams himself is not looking for love. He's been dating Modern Family actor Sarah Hyland since September 2017, and by the looks of their cute couple Instagram posts, they're still going strong. And a cast list of Bachelor Nation's finest would no doubt include some people who are looking for a relationship a lot like theirs. And while Adams says he doesn't have the ultimate power to get anyone on the show, him voicing who he'd like to see in Paradise surely finds its way back to ABC.

No matter who joins Season 6 of Paradise, Wells will forever be the bartender/therapist of our dreams.