Wells Has Finally Confirmed He's Dating Sarah Hyland & How They Met Is SO Relatable

ABC/Getty Images

Without actually saying that they're a couple, there has been plenty of confirmation that Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland are dating. Sure, they coordinated Halloween costumes together, which "friends" do all the time. And "friends" can tweet each other back and forth. Sometimes "friends" even post cute photos together, but it just really seems like there is more than friendship between the Bachelor favorite and the Modern Family actor, and now we have some very solid proof from the pair themselves.

Sometimes a picture is just a picture, but that does not seem to be the case here. The hosts of The Morning Breath talked to Adams about his status with Hyland during the November 8 episode. Host Claudia Oshry Soffer pointed out, "You've been Instagramming a lot with Sarah Hyland." Initially, Adams played coy and just asked, "What?"

Eventually he admitted, "To be fair, if you really want to know anything, just look at my social media." So that means that the cute captions and adorable photos that make it appear like they are a couple prove that they really are dating.

Oshry Soffer asked the other big question that fans want to know: How did Adams and Hyland meet? Co-host Jackie Oshry interjected with "The Internet?" And Adams confirmed that was how it happened. Everyone always jokes about sliding into the DMs, but it is a very real thing and sometimes can result in something more substantial.

Bachelor Nation has been keeping up with and following every move the twosome makes on social media and now they have Adams' confirmation to believe the hype.

As further confirmation, on Tuesday, Hyland shared a video of herself singing on stage, which is entertaining on its own, but the real story is in her caption. She gives Adams credit for filming the performance and for giving her the shirt that she is wearing using some applicable emoji.

That video demonstrates that it is important to check out the captions during a social media investigation. Case in point, Hyland also shared a photo with actor Ashley Newbrough. Looking at the thumbnails from afar, there's nothing couple-like about the photo, but clicking on the link for the post tells a whole different story. Hyland is wearing an initial necklace with the letter "W" on it. Yes, as in Wells. She confirmed that it was in his honor by tagging his Instagram handle on the necklace.

Adams also shared a screen grab of himself on TV smiling alone on the couch and tagged Hyland in the pic. He captioned it, "A picture of me thinking about a picture of you." Aaawww. Hyland and Adams are quickly becoming the cutest couple on Instagram.

Ever since they landed on everyone's radar with their Stranger Things Halloween costumes, the two have been churning out some premium content. While he was discussing their Halloween costumes on The Morning Breath, Adams indicated that he sees his relationship with Hyland as a long term thing when he shared, "We did talk about next year's one and we have a really good one." Next year?! It's barely November and he's already thinking about a 2018 Halloween costume with Hyland. That is very promising.

Aside from giving each other attention in Instagram photos and captions, Adams and Hyland have shared some adorable photos together. Shoutout to the third wheel who took this photo of the duo staring into each other's eyes:

Hyland even teased, "He puts up with me" in an Instagram caption which is a very girlfriend-like thing to say.

Usually, it's easy to tell who Bachelor Nation stars are dating because they are handing out and receiving roses. Even though Adams did not straight up say that he and Hyland are boyfriend and girlfriend, he did direct fans to check out his social media to know what's going on. If that's not a verification that they are dating, then what is?