Wet N Wild's Newest Campaign Star Is Breaking Beauty Boundaries

by Summer Arlexis

As of late, the beauty industry has been getting the long overdue, all-inclusive makeover it always needed. There are campaigns like Rihanna's diverse Fenty Beauty marketing and Huda Beauty's inclusive foundation launch to thank for that. Now, the first albino model to front a major beauty campaign is getting her moment, and Wet N Wild deserves all the praise.

When the drugstore favorite wanted to challenge beauty standards in their new "Breaking Beauty" campaign, they clearly knew just who to call. Enter Diandra Forrest, an albino model that has graced New York Fashion Week runways and the cover of Ebony magazine. Forrest stars in the campaign alongside four other beauties, including transgender model and activist Valentijin de Hingh and cancer survivor and amputee activist Mama Cāx. Though the images have yet to be released, the announcement of these campaign stars has beauty lovers cheering for inclusivity.

If it wasn't obvious already, this isn't your typical campaign. Aimed to celebrate inclusivity and diversity, this Wet N Wild campaign puts the spotlight on those typically told their beauty isn't worth celebrating.

Wet N Wild joining forces with Forrest, and other women of underrepresented identities, is yet another win for beauty inclusivity, and it simply cannot be ignored.

Wet N Wild's gig comes with a such a powerful message that it only makes sense for a beauty like Forrest to be the face of the campaign. As someone who felt her condition was marketed as "mythical" in the fashion industry, she wanted to make it known that there is a place for individuals like herself. Speaking to Refinery29, she said her goal was to "normalize what albinism was being depicted as" for young girls growing up. It's the missing voice the industry surely needed.

The model took to Instagram to announce the news and share her excitement, writing, "It's always great to be apart of a brand that celebrates diversity, and prides itself on being inclusive to all". There's no arguing with that.

If it's not enough that Wet N Wild is getting all-inclusive with campaign imagery, their soon-to-be released foundation will definitely make them a standout brand. Forrest revealed to Refinery29 that Wet N Wild’s Mega Cushion Foundation SPF 15 in Light Ivory 106A, releasing in December, was her match made in heaven base.

Thanks to the drugstore retailer, her fears of not having the right shade during photoshoots and resorting to mixing hues was eliminated. Looks like the same albino women sharing their positive experiences with Fenty Beauty foundation will get to rave about Wet N Wild soon, too. And for a hefty fraction of the price. Watch out, Fenty.

While other models featured in the campaign are also shattering boundaries, Forrest's involvement is what's really stirring the beauty community. After all, a brand with such mass appeal and availability switching things up this majorly is a Very. Big. Deal.

Now that the first albino model has landed a major beauty deal, it's not farfetched to think more brands will jump on the all-inclusive bandwagon. Hopefully, this isn't the last time Wet N Wild breaks societal norms, either.

For now, stay tuned for the brand's campaign images, which are soon to be released. There's no telling what's going to hit the beauty sphere when they do drop, but if Wet N Wild's diverse picks for beauty icons are any indication, it's going to be one groundbreaking set of ads.