You Can Animate Your Face In A Poop Emoji Now With The New iPhone X


Apple had a slew of exciting news Tuesday, one of the best of which was animojis, one of the latest updates to the new iPhone X software. Animojis — an amalgamation of animation and emojis — are exactly what they sound like: Using the new iPhone X's facial recognition technology, you can now animate select emojis using your very own facial features and voice. That's right, animojis can be sent with recorded voice messages. But, what are animojis? Well, sit back, relax, and tune in: Here's what you need to know about what the animojis are, how to get them, and how you can potentially use them.

The animoji feature will only be available on the iPhone X, as it requires the use of that specific phone's 3D camera, which the device also utilizes for Face ID and other apps. Basically, when you look at your phone and choose which animoji you'd like to use (I vote poop, but that's just me), it tracks your face and mimics your facial expression when you prompt it to, and can even record whatever you're saying if you want the animoji to speak. It's truly high-tech. You can then send the animoji to any one of your friends, and they'll receive it in a text message as they would a regular emoji.

Of the dozens of emojis available, Apple has created a limited selection of animoji that are able to be utilized, including the monkey, unicorn, robot, dog, pig, cat, dog and pile of poo. Yeah: With facial recognition software, the highest of high tech, you can turn your face into a poop emoji. This is really the future.

Fair warning to all my friends: get ready of an onslaught of pouty-face talking unicorn and frowning poop emojis from me.

The animojis are just one of the new features that will be available on the iPhone X thanks to its high-tech facial recognition software. In addition to turning your face into a poop emoji, you'll also be able to unlock your phone by holding it in front of you and looking at it — that feature is called Face ID — and you'll even be able to use facial recognition in apps that previously used Touch ID, like Apple Pay or any third-party apps that utilized Touch ID within them (since, you know, the home button doesn't exist on the iPhone X). It really is the future, and I am here for it.

Unfortunately, the animojis and all facial recognition software will only be available on the iPhone X, which is set to be available for pre-order on Oct. 27 and will be available on Nov. 3 — so if you were hoping to snag the ability to create animojis with the iPhone 8 when that rolls out on Sept. 22, sorry. The iPhone 8 still seems awesome, what with its super strong, shatter-resistant glass screen, updated portrait mode options, and wireless charging capabilities... but there is no animoji. For that, you need the facial recognition software, and that is only available on the iPhone X for now.

That said, once Nov. 3 rolls around, animojis and facial recognition will launch, and you'll be able to send your friends all the animated poop or unicorn emojis your heart desires. If you so wish, you can even record a little message as you send an animoji, so that it will look like your poop face is talking. I can't wait until someone goes viral for breaking up with their significant other by using a personalized animoji messages with the poop emoji. God, imagine the possibilities.