Avocado Fries Are A Thing & They Sound DELICIOUS

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Rumors that avocados are over have been greatly exaggerated, and this all-avocado restaurant that serves avocado fries proves that your favorite fruit still reigns supreme in 2018. But, what are avocado french fries? While recipes for the dish have been floating around for a few years, they're not yet a staple on most restaurant menus. However, Avocado Appétit just opened in New York City, and everything on the menu is made with avocado, including the fries. Yes, please! If you're salivating, you're not alone. People on Twitter are in a hot debate over the debut of avocado fries, but the truth is in the taste test. And, those who have sampled the green fried treats are in love. I mean, if you and your bae love them so much that you use avocados to propose marriage, it's only natural that you'll add avocado fries to the dinner menu at your wedding.

Back off haters, the avocado is here to stay. Even professionals in the food industry are gaga over avocado fries, naturally. "People marvel at our avocado fries [served at Knife at The Highland Dallas], which are truly miraculous little greaseless, warm, creamy morsels served with a cooling but zesty chipotle mayonnaise," Top Chef alum John Tesar is quoted as saying in his new book Knife on the Bravo TV website. "The inspiration came just after I moved to Texas, from a booth frying half avocados at the Texas State Fair. As soon as I saw them, I said to myself, If I ever own a steakhouse, I will put avocado fries on the menu." As every restaurant should, obviously.

Gimme Some Fried Green Avocado

Just look at them sizzle. How could anyone not love avocado fries?

An All-Avocado Diet Has Never Been Easier

It's not just a health food anymore. Avocado aficionados are getting creative, and a lot of people are pretty excited. If you think avocado fries are taking the avocado trend too far, consider that it was likely once unthinkable to fry a potato and cut it up into little sticks. Now, a world without French fries seems unthinkable.

It Is Easy Being Green

If loving avocados is wrong, I don't want to be right. Because, avocado fries!

Avocado Fries Are Almost Too Beautiful To Eat

But, you know you're going to eat them all after you take an Instagram-worthy snap of these fried beauties.

And, You Can Totally Make Them At Home

If your avocado love is as strong as your introvert game, you can totally make avocado fries from the comfort of your own home — the way life should be.

Wrap Those Bad Boys In Bacon

Love bacon? Try wrapping your avocado fries in strips of it to get everything you love in one bite.

It's Really Not Weird At All

OK, so you still can't wrap your brain around avocado fries. Just think of all of the times your French fries have been avocado adjacent, or the times you've dipped your fries in some kind of avocado sauce. Avocado fries just put everything wonderful about french fries together in one tasty snack.

But, Not Everyone Is Happy About Avocado Fries

If you think some things should be sacred, and avocados should only be eaten and honored raw, you're not the only one. Some people on Twitter are pretty upset that avocados are evolving and jumping into the deep fryer. However, no one is going to hold you down and force you to eat avocado fries. If these delicious slices of fried-avocado heaven aren't your jam, don't order them. It really is that simple.

And, let the lovers relish at the beautiful evolution of avocados. After all, there are so few pleasures in life these days.