Bum Masks Are A Real Thing Now & They're About To Level Up You Pamper Sesh

by Alice Broster

There are very few things I love more than a self care night. Lighting a few candles, putting on some old episodes of Catfish, and doing your pamper routine is such a great way to unwind. On the run up to summer, the sheer number of beauty products out there can be overwhelming. However, the beauty obsessive in me has to try them all. You may have heard of face masks but there is a whole other part of your body which you can give some five-star treatment. But what are bum masks? Lotions and potions can leave your face looking supple, fresh, and firm so it would make sense that masks can leave your bum super moisturised too. It may sound like a bit of an out-there idea, but celebs are already onto them.

Keeping your body feeling silky smooth and hydrated is a great way to show yourself a bit of self care and love. And why should your bum miss out on this? New York dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, spoke to Well and Good about the perks of using products on your behind. He said, “buttock skin is no different than skin on other parts of the body, but it is put under stresses not experienced elsewhere. The skin in this area is continually exposed to sweat, creating an environment that allows for overgrowth of bacteria and fungi.” He continued:

“Chaffing is common on buttock skin because of exercise and clothes rubbing. All of this explains why it’s common to develop pimples, dryness, and rashes, so it’s also important to apply moisturisers to buttock skin just as you would your arms and legs.”

Butt masks are certainly new territory for me, but it's perhaps unsurprising that the Queen of pop Madonna has known about them for years. She told The Cut, “there are certain special people that get to see our butt, and you want it to look its finest.” I'm not about to argue with that logic.

You may not think you've heard of any bum masks before but there are some serious cult beauty products out there designed to make your butt look and smell as good as it can. With its sunshine yellow packaging and killer reviews the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream has influencers everywhere singing its praises. Made with Shea Butter, its aim is to firm up your skin and have you smelling glorious. If sheet masks are more your kind of thing then Bawdy have released an entire range of Bite It sheet masks designed to hydrate and tone your derriere. Another option, which is super affordable and easy to get hold of on the high street, is the Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. The mint- and menthol-infused mask will leave you feeling tingly all over.

If Madonna and the development of bum masks teaches us anything, it's that you deserve to spend a little time on yourself and pamper your body without leaving anything out.