What Are Bunuelos? Chipotle's New Dessert Option Looks Delicious

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Steve Dykes/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you're a diehard fan of this chain Mexican grill, you're going to want to know what Chipotle's new buñuelos are — because basically they're going to be your new favorite thing to order.

Sure, bowls and burritos are great and extra guacamole is ace, but dessert is always boss. You probably assumed that if Chipotle ever made a dessert menu item that it would be some sort of Mexican spicy chocolate or churro situation — which would make sense, but was maybe too obvious. Instead, the company has actually unearthed another traditional Mexican dessert that no one saw coming. As I mentioned, they're called buñuelos and they're just as fried and doughy and delicious as churros, but with a bit more personality — they've got a serious crunch and can be dressed up to be sweet or down to be savory.

Traditionally, buñuelos are prepared from a wheat yeast dough that's rolled thin, cut into round disks, deep fried and then topped with different sweet sauces and powders. It's kind of like the most epic, gourmet dessert nacho you could ever dream of. Once the buñuelos are out of the fryer, they're then drizzled with honey, cinnamon and sugar and dunked in an apple caramel butter dipping sauce. Drooling yet? Same.

Lucky for us, the dessert is making a fast track appearance on menus nationally, because the stores already have all the equipment they need to make the treats, all they had to do was pick up a few extra ingredients. So do expect these sweet bites to make a big splash in the next month. They're the perfect treat to celebrate the fact that Chipotle is making a major good news come back and hopefully securing a space on your block for the future.

According to Business Insider, this new addition to the menu is the biggest menu shake up Chipotle has had in almost 20 years. No big deal. But seriously, not to be dramatic over fast food or anything, but this is like, monumental. So if you can, try to be patient, the buñuelos should make their way to all participating Chipotle stores in a month's time. I know that might seem like forever, but think about it this way: distance makes the heart grow fonder. So just enjoy the wait, your buñuelos will taste even sweeter after a month of intense anticipation.