Yasmine & Lewis Aren't A 'Catfish' Success Story

by Kayla Hawkins

After a short hiatus, Catfish is back, and guess what: people are still falling for fake profiles, and, of course, still calling up Nev and Max. MTV's online dating experts are the ones who get the call to help people figure out who they've really been talking to on the internet. And the April 12 episode of Catfish was particularly complicated, so it was good that Nev and Max were on hand to help piece things together. And now that the dust from the explosive revelations have settled, what are Yasmine & "Lewis" from Catfish doing now?

In the episode, the Catfish team discovers that Yasmine hadn't been speaking with a boyfriend at all. A woman named Keira was at the other end of their communications, and Yasmine had even sent her money. Yasmine seemed genuinely pained by the revelation that she wasn't really talking to Lewis... or Milo... or Blue. All of the false starts and alternate fake identities escalated the situation to the point where even after years of talking to "him," she couldn't trust anything anymore.

In the post-meeting followup, it looks like Yasmine is doing a lot better. And now, even longer after the episode, it looks like Yasmine is still single, at least from the statuses she's posted on her Facebook page. None of her other social media profiles are public, which is probably smart, considering that she seemed really heartbroken by the discovery that Lewis wasn't really who they claimed to be. Of course, it was one thing to find out that the pictures were fake, but even harder to know that Keira had created an entire fabricated identity. It's probably good that she didn't get that tattoo.

Now, though, Yasmine appears to be more concerned about all of the people coming out of the woodwork in order to capitalize on their relationship with someone who's been on Catfish. She's also shared an album of glimpses behind the scenes of the show, if you're curious to see what it's like from a participant's point of view.

Otherwise, it seems that Yasmine has recovered from her heartbreak. But it's not just Yasmine who I'm wondering about: it's also her grandma, who totally stole the episode and managed to make searching for a true identity a lot of fun. She was also the first person Yasmine turned to after meeting the real Keira. Sandra is also on Facebook, and has made her opinions about her Catfish appearance clear — she wishes that she could have protected Yasmine.

Keira/Blue was also upset at the time of filming, but according to some of her recent public reactions, she's basically over it. As she discussed in a Facebook Live video posted right after the episode aired, she filmed her episode of Catfish back in September. She hinted that there was a different story going on "behind the cameras," but clarified that she wasn't allowed to talk about it. (She also has an Instagram account, which hasn't been updated in years.) Mostly, it seems that Keira has moved on, and is no longer as close with Yasmine.

Despite what the end of this Catfish episode suggests, it seems that Keira and Yasmine have gone their separate ways since the episode filmed. And while both women had their feelings hurt in the moment, it seems both have been able to move on since their fateful meeting in Arkansas.