What Are ColourPop's New Matte X Lippies? These 8 Shades Might Be Familiar

Stop what you're doing, because ColourPop has yet another amazing lip launch for you. According to the surprise Instagram announcement, the brand created eight new Lippie Stix in their Matte X formula and matching liners to go with it. What do the new lippies look like, you ask? Well, odds are you've seen them before. The new additions match some of their most popular Ultra Matte Lip shade, so you're pretty much guaranteed to love them.

You didn't think that ColourPop would slow down just because it's the beginning of the year, did you? The brand is kicking off 2017 with products that fans have wanted to see for a while now. No, I'm not talking about makeup brushes, although those have been rumored to be coming soon. ColourPop launched matching Matte X and Lippie Liners shades to some of their most popular Ultra Matte Lips. That means you can now have a complete color family in every formula.

For their latest giveaway, ColourPop recently asked their fans to weigh in on which colors they like best between some of their most popular Ultra Matte Lip shade. The options were Beeper, Bumble, Viper, Notion, Wild Nothing, and Love Bug. It turns out that those were also the color inspiration for the new Matte X Lippie Stix hues.

To put it simply, you can now buy Ultra Matte Lips, Matte X Lippies, and Lippie Liners in the exact same shade. All the new lip colors do have brand new names though, so here's a breakdown of all the Matte X newness on the site.

1. Crack Me Up


Crack Me Up Matte X Lippie, $5, colourpop.com

Crack Me Up was created after what could be their most popular Ultra Matte Lip shade — Beeper. It's constantly sold out, and there's no doubt in my mind that this one will be too.

2. Goal Digger

Goal Digger Matte X Lippie, $5, colourpop.com

How gorgeous is this warm rose color. Not to mention the awesome name.

3. Sauce


Sauce Matte X Lippie, $5, colourpop.com

There's also this gorgeous pink created after Viper.

4. Nixed


Nixed Matte X Lippie, $5, colourpop.com

Nixed is just Notion in Matte X form.

5. Kapish


Kapish Matte X Lippie, $5, colourpop.com

This shade matches Wild Nothing, which is also one of the most popular Ultra Matte Lip colors.

6. Secret Stash


Secret Stash Matte X Lippie, $5, colourpop.com

Remember notion from the Fall Edit? This is that shade as a Lippie.

7. Mirror, Mirror


Mirror, Mirror Matte X Lippie, $5, colourpop.com

They even added some bright colors into the mix as well.

8. Party Foul


Party Foul Matte X Lippie, $5, colourpop.com

Last, but definitely not least, is this gorgeous purple inspired by the Are 'N Be Ultra Matte Lip.

I don't know about you, buy I'm looking to stock up on every single one!