Harry & Francesca Are Still Together After 'Too Hot' — And They Have Engagement Plans

Too Hot to Handle Harry and Francesca

Spoilers ahead for Season 1 of Too Hot to Handle. OK, naughty little possums, the secret is finally out: yes, Too Hot to Handle's Harry and Francesca are still together, though they did take a short break after filming. "The show was a bit of a roller coaster for us," Harry tells Bustle. "And I think, as soon as we came off it, that roller coaster continued... so we had a couple months where we were just trying to figure each other out."

As evidenced by their Instagram posts, Harry flew to Vancouver to meet Francesca's friends and family, and Francesca visited him in Australia. Now, they're "back, better than ever, ready to take on the world," Harry says, adding that Francesca plans to move to Los Angeles to be with him after the coronavirus quarantine ends.

And they have another big step in mind, too. Harry says they plan to spend their winnings — a combined $15,000 before tax — on a trip to Paris and an engagement ring. "We were actually planning on going to the Eiffel Tower and I was gonna propose to Francesca," he says. Shouldn't he be keeping that a secret, you might ask? "No. See, we're a little bit twisted," he explains. "We plan it together and then I'll surprise her."

French engagement or not, both Harry and Francesca are changed people after Too Hot to Handle. "[We] learned a lot about [ourselves] and how actions have consequences, and [that we] have to take into account other people's emotions as well as your own," Francesca says. "And [we] definitely learned that yeah, sex isn't the most important thing and if you want to form real connections, you have to dig deep within yourself."

Adds Harry, "The best takeaway was learning to just communicate and focus on something that feels better than sex, and that's love."