What Are Savitar's Powers On 'The Flash'? He's So Much Mightier Than Present Barr

Katie Yu / CW

The Flash team have been running around in circles trying to figure out how to defeat the big bad of the season. Savitar has proven himself to be a worthy villain; his super speed and strength have been unbeatable thus far. Recently, Barry learned the identity of Savitar, and he is a future version of Barry himself. The details of that have yet to be explained and sorted out. While fans wait for that explanation, there's time to go over what that big bad speedster can actually do. What are Savitar’s powers on The Flash? He’s a faster, stronger version of present Barry Allen.

Savitar has gone up against most of the meta humans on team Flash and he’s pretty easily avoided harm in every encounter. There have been villains in past season that have seemed unbeatable but fell, like Eobard Thawne and Zoom. Savitar is the strongest, fastest, most menacing bad guy yet. The team came close to breaking through the stress of unmasking him. Now, with Savitar's identity revealed, the team will have to focus on his abilities in order to defeat him. Here are all the cool super villain powers that Savitar has, which Team Flash needs to work out how to best.

1. Speed x 100


While present Flash can run fast, Savitar is even faster. Even present Barry feels he is running in slow motion when pitted against him.

2. Mind Possession & Telepathy


Remember when Savitar spoke and worked through Julian Albert (aka Doctor Alchemy)? Well, it turns out that the Philosopher’s Stone gave Savitar the power to control minds. And then remember when Cisco saw his dead brother Dante? The Philosopher’s Stone also gave Savitar the ability to make Cisco think he was talking to his brother. With the power to get into the minds of those closest to the Flash — and personal knowledge about each of them — Savitar becomes an even more menacing bad guy.

3. Superpowered Suit


Besides being the stuff of comic book nightmares, Savitar’s suit also gives him durability. Bullets ricochet off him, hits don’t have much power, and most attacks fall short of his glowing, metal suit. Jessie Quick managed to hurt Savitar, coming to the discovery that under the suit is a mortal (though still superpowered) man. If present Barry and his team can get future Barry out of the suit, they may have a fighting chance.

4. Enhanced Healing, Agility & Strength


Much like present Barry, Savitar has the ability to heal faster than a non-meta mortal. I assume that future Flash has all of present Flash’s abilities, though they’re enhanced by both time and the Philosopher’s Stone. This means he’s also an experienced fighter, is more agile, and is extra strong.

5. Best Buds With The Speed Force


Savitar was first introduced as the "God Of Speed." Savitar spent time locked in the Speed Force, which resulted in him being connected to it and feeling like he controls it. This means that usual metahuman dampeners work less effectively on Savitar.

6. Time Travel


Same as present Barry, Savitar has the ability to move at such a lightning-fast speed that he can travel through time. Time travel definitely elevates the world of The Flash but it also makes the plot a whole lot more confusing. This entire season has been focused on the effects of changing time, starting off with Flashpoint in the premiere.

Despite his scary abilities, I have faith in the team of misfit good guys on The Flash. If they move quickly and stay positive, they can defeat Savitar and save Iris.