Barry Discovers Savitar's Identity On 'The Flash'

Katie Yu/The CW

It happened. After months of teasing and hundreds of fan theories, Savitar is revealed on The Flash in "I Know Who You Are." After spending an entire episode trying to save Caitlin from truly becoming Killer Frost and protecting the physicist Tracy Brand from her attacks, Barry finally realizes who Savitar is: the future Flash. Yes, that's right, Savitar is Barry Allen — or, to be more precise, the future Barry Allen. It turns out that Savitar really is just an alternate future version of our favorite speedster, and now Barry (our Barry) knows.

When Barry confronts Savitar about his true identity in "I Know Who You Are," future Barry actually steps out of the suit and reveals himself. There can be no doubts about his identity now. So, where does all this leave Team Flash? Well, it certainly has Barry thrown for a loop. It's one thing knowing Savitar is from the future and thus knows what's going to happen, it's another thing to know that Savitar is Barry and can predict his every move. And while Savitar's true identity is a shock, it's still new information for Team Flash that might help them beat him before he has a chance to kill Iris. Not to mention the fact that the team now has Tracy Brand working with them to try and imprison Savitar years ahead of the future events.

So, it actually looks like things might be looking up for Team Flash, but Savitar's identity reveal also begs a lot of questions, namely: huh? What I most want to know, however, is what this means for the future Barry just visited. Last week, Barry traveled to 2024 and altered that timeline by getting Barry, Cisco, Joe, Julian, and H.R. back together to fight as Team Flash again. Could Barry's alteration of the future change anything about Barry's journey to eventually become Savitar? Or is it like Flashpoint, another misguided attempt at changing the timeline that only helps Savitar come to be? Also, if Barry becomes Savitar, is that why The Flash disappears in 2024? And, if Savitar was created directly from Flashpoint, why did the Flash disappear in 2024 before Flashpoint?

I don't know if we'll ever get all the answers, but for now, I'm just glad we finally got to find out who is really under that crazy metal suit.