Starbucks’ New Black & White Mocha Drinks Are The Perfect Way To Ring In 2018

End of year celebrations have officially arrived — if you couldn't tell from your local craft store's limited stock of glitter. Though few days remain in the year, there are plenty of opportunities to bid adieu to 2017 in sparkling, fabulous style (even if 2017 doesn't deserve it because it was the worst). For instance, our favorite coffee roaster has thought up one particular way: If you're wondering what Starbucks' Black and White Mocha drinks are, it's basically everyone's one chance this year to try "chocolate 'sequins'." You read that right.

New Year celebrations roll out a welcome mat for the incoming year: 365 days of brand new opportunities are ahead of us. And, traditionally — for the most part — we don our festive best, subtly resembling disco balls, to usher in this exciting fresh slate. Because why not start the year off as Instagram-ready as possible? While champagne is typically the coveted beverage of the evening, Starbucks' new Black and White Mocha collection might have you wanting to sip on a Venti coffee as the clock inches towards midnight instead.

Just as you only unearth your sequin dress once a year for about a week's worth of celebrations, you'll only have a limited time to pucker up for these festive beverages. The drinks will be in participating Starbucks locations throughout the US and Canada from Dec. 27 through the new year, while supplies last. Trust me, you don't want to drop the ball on getting a taste of this fancy mocha ~collection~ before the ball drops in Times Square.

There are plenty of drink order options within Starbucks' Black and White Mocha collection, so outfit — I mean, coffee order changes are welcomed. To start, the Black and White Mocha is a classic first choice to order at the counter. A spokesperson for Starbucks shared in a press release that the drink "starts with our signature espresso roast poured over a silky swirl of white chocolate and dark mocha, which melts into a wonderfully rich concoction!" It's finished off with steamed milk, whipped cream and a sprinkling of chocolate "sequins" that really give the drink the look and ~feel~ of celebratory confetti.

Also within the collection is Starbucks' new Black and White Hot Cocoa which consists of, "dark mocha sauce and white chocolate mocha sauce combined with steamed milk to create rich swirls."

Last but not least, the collection offers the Black and White Frappuccino, which takes everyone's favorite blended beverage and combines it with dark mocha sauce and rich white chocolate mocha sauce. It too is completed with a blast of chocolate "sequins." And, honestly, now I feel like if I don't see a bowl of chocolate sequins or chocolate confetti at a New Year's Eve party I'll be disappointed.

We now have Starbucks to thank for bringing the creation of chocolate "sequins" into our lives. The tiny beads of cocoa certainly add a serving of cheer to the conclusion of an otherwise turbulent year. And, better yet, now we know that we can indulge in a New Year celebration reminiscent of the Black Tie variety from Dec. 27 through the new year when we visit our local Starbucks counter.

You don't have to enter the coffee roaster in your New Year's Eve gown to order from the very chic collection of coffee. But after sipping on one of these chocolate "sequin" sprinkled mocha offerings from Starbucks' new Black and White Mocha collection, you'll head home feeling fancy and ready to usher 2018 in in style. If it's not a champagne flute you'll be sipping from on this New Year's Eve, you'll definitely want to make sure that it's a Starbucks cup.