The #1 Breakup Comfort Food Is...


When it comes to breakups, we all react differently. Some people immerse themselves in work, others go out and have revenge sex with the first person they meet, and some take to their couch with a bowl of raw cookie dough. There is no wrong way to get over a breakup; you just need to do what's right for you.

A new survey by OnePoll market research and Yelp Eat24 found that although how people handle breakups varies, one thing that many of us have in common is that we turn to our BFF: Food. According to the research, two-thirds of respondents reported that comfort food was the thing that helped them get through a breakup, calling it an "important" part of the recovery process. And considering the study found that the average American adult goes through three major breakups in their life, resulting in 18 months of heartache — six months for each breakup — food is definitely a big part of it all. Hell, food is a big part of everything, but I digress.

For one in three of the survey's 2,000 participants, they had a specific food that they always turned to after a breakup and that comfort food was a necessity for an average of five weeks.

So what are people eating to cope with their broken hearts? Here are the top 10 comfort foods for Americans.



In tenth place, we have cheesecake as a comfort food that makes the broken heart feel a little less broken. I must say, a large helping of New York cheesecake really does hit the spot.



Coming in behind cheesecake, we have Mexican food. Although the study didn't reveal if there was a specific kind of Mexican food that helped their heartache, I firmly believe it's probably nachos, with extra jalapenos, so you start feeling alive again.



The study found that, in regards to happiness and satisfaction, chocolate scored the highest for comfort at 6.9 out of a possible 10,


French Fries

In stark contrast to M&M's and in the savory group of breakup food, are French fries at number seven. Toss in some mayo on the side and I'll come join in you in your breakup food fest.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

In sixth place, we have chocolate chip cookies. The survey, however, did not reveal if these cookies were warm and/or were accompanied by milk.



Starting off our top five comfort foods for a breakup are burgers. Yes, there are people out there in the world who scarf down burgers when the pang of loss hits their chest.



In fourth place and with 18 percent of respondents agreeing, cake (or cupcakes) is the only way to recover from lost love. Cake and lots of super sweet, pink frosting, of course. And sprinkles!


Fried Food

For 22 percent of respondents, the only thing that cures a broke heart is fried food, as in ALL fried food: Fried potatoes, fried fish, fried donuts, fried fries, fried cake — all of it. Only the fried will do.



In second place, we have pizza. For 30 percent of those surveyed, pizza is their number one comfort food during a breakup. It's also during these times that we must remember a very important rule about pizza: "Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself."


Ice Cream

And, to fill that sexist breakup stereotype, we have ice cream as the number one comfort food for the broken hearted, with 43 percent getting cozy on the couch with a pint of their very own. Not only is ice cream number one, but on the happiness index in second place just behind chocolate, it gets a 6.8 out of 10.

Also on the list, but not in the top 10, were such favorites like Oreo's, Krispy Kreme donuts, apple pie, and even wings — definitely classic American foods. But no matter what your favorite comfort food is during a breakup, enjoy it. Food may not un-break your heart, but it will certainly make you feel better in the moment and sometimes a quick fix is what we need.