Here Are ALL The New Emojis Coming To Your Phone Soon

For some people, bagels are special weekend treats. But, for me, bagels are an every single morning of the year kinda thing. So, not having a bagel emoji has literally left me speechless on many occasions. I wouldn't dare demean a bagel by representing it with a piece of toast or a donut, because it's neither of those things. It's its own thing. This is why it's really great news that, in the batch of new emojis set for release at some point in 2018, there's finally a bagel emoji. It's about time! There are actually a lot of other new 2018 emojis in addition to the bagel that have been introduced by Unicode for release sometime this year (though the date is not confirmed) — like, superhero emojis, redhead emojis, a lobster emoji — but, understandably, I got a little distracted by the bagel. Can you blame me?

Personally, I can't even remember life before emojis. But, the legend goes that once upon a time, people had to rely on only words to communicate via text messages. There were no expressive smily faces to help with those reactions that don't quite translate to words. Like, there were no shooting stars to send for achievements, no clouds to send for moods, no drinks to send for excuses. Once upon a time, we were left with nothing but our lackluster vocabulary to relate to one and other.

But thankfully we now live in a world where words are just extra, and emojis are the preferred language of choice. Get ready to meet some of your new favorites conversational tools from The Unicode Consortium that are set be released throughout the year, thanks to the Emojipedia.

Extra Expressions


A flirty face, an "I ate too many spicy foods" face, a frozen face that's applicable 'til at least June, a party face for celebrations, a partied-too-much face for the next morning, and an "I just watched that commercial for the ASPCA" face — everything's here.

Household Items


A toolbox for when you need to fix your life, a magnet for when you're trying to describe how you can't look away from a cute dog Instagram account, some a test tube for when you get a little too creative with your DIY beauty routine, a fire extinguisher for when your life is in flames, some crochet for when someone's boring you, a broom to clean up your life, some toilet paper when you need it, and some soap for when someone's being a little too fresh with their language... I'm sure you never knew you needed emojis of these household items in your text messages, but I'm also sure you already cannot imagine life without them.

Get In My Belly


Mango is life, greens are goals, bagels are everything, salt is for bae, cupcakes are for my stomach, and dynamite is for when someone gets it right. Also, we finally have a tennis ball emoji, which I'm kind of surprised we didn't have before. And a frisbee!



Because superheroes and supervillains come in all different shapes, sizes, and looks, we get a lot of choices. Because we can all be superheroes and supervillains sometimes, so it's only fitting that we've all got an emoji who resembles us in the queue, waiting for use.



FINALLY. This whole time, redheads have been greatly under-represented in the emoji world, so it's about time that they get their own hair color option. All of our poor ginger friends have been forced to consider themselves brunette for lack of options for far too long. It was unjust — so I'm happy to see that, now, it's finally being righted.

No word yet on when these emojis will be made available for download, but I cannot wait.