Here's What All The Members Of S Club 7 Are Up To Today

by Taylor Ferber

In the latest time warp news, '00s pop band S Club 7 is returning as S Club 3 with their first new single in 14 years called "Family." While it seems there may have been riffs between the original singers, the remaining members of S Club 3 have been performing and the internet isn't quite sure how to feel about the comeback overall. But what are the S Club 7 members up to now? Members Jo O'Meara, Tina Barrett, and Bradley McIntosh will release the new single next Friday, while the remaining four will sit this one out (with their reported ring leader being Paul Cattermole, according to The Sun). So it's the perfect time to get to know the whole gang a little better before their return (or lack thereof).

The cheesy yet lovable pop band reigned from 1999 to 2001 with catchy hits like "S Club Party," "Never Had a Dream Come True," and "Bring It All Back." In 2015, the group performed its Bring It All Back reunion tour across England, Wales, and Scotland (and S Club 3 has seemingly been performing since). Now between their mid-30s and early 40s, the original S Club 7 members have grown up, and some have moved on from the old glory days with new ventures, families, feuds, and everything else that comes with adulting.


Jo O'Meara

O'Meara has already taken her excitement about "Family" to Twitter and seems to have the same enthusiasm about S Club after all these years.

But life's apparently been a roller coaster for the 38-year-old. In 2007, O'Meara was caught up in a racism controversy on the British TV show Celebrity Big Brother when making comments about Indian culture and its food, specifically referencing actor Shilpa Shetty. After being kicked off the show, O'Meara responded to the controversy, saying, "I'm not a racist person at all, I know I'm not."

The following year, O'Meara took a break from the cameras when giving birth to her son Lenny. In early 2017, a handful of S Club 3's shows were canceled when O'Meara had emergency surgery for a stomach condition. Now, she dedicates her time to performing and work as an animal rights activist.

Tina Barrett

From the looks of Instagram, Barrett is hard at work balancing performing and being a mom to her toddler son, writing captions like, "Back in London after a crazy weekend of shows. Now back to being mummy." In 2012, Barrett ventured on a solo project with a song and videos called "Fire" and "Makin Me Dance."

Barrett also shares excitement for S Club 3 by posting occasional video snippets of the band's performances.

Bradley McIntosh

When he isn't performing, this proud dad is sharing cute photos of his infant son on Instagram. Since 2016, McIntosh has appeared on Big Brother UK's panel. The 36-year-old will occasionally post epic S Club 7 throwback photos to remind everyone of the good times. McIntosh is also the owner of Citi Boy Entertainment and director of branding agency Yoghurt Media.

Not Returning:

Paul Cattermole

While he performed with the band during its 2015 reunion tour, Cattermole is reportedly why S Club 7 isn't returning as a whole. According to The Sun,

"It was Paul who decided he didn’t want to continue, and the other members didn’t want to release music without the whole band... Paul has made it clear he doesn’t want the group’s legacy damaged which is why they have decided to rebrand to just be SC3."

Before the reunion tour in 2015, Cattermole told fans how "damn close" the group was to coming back, on Twitter.

He apparently also had a rocky, on-and-off relationship with fellow band member Hannah Spearritt. After their latest fallout in November, Cattermole reportedly went on a Twitter rant saying things like, "Rise above people rise above," in a string of tweets that reportedly lasted five hours and was later deleted.

Hannah Spearritt

The 36-year-old seems nonchalant about S Club 7 from her social media bios alone, which read, "S Club 7 blah ... blah ... blah...." Given her tumultuous relationship with Cattermole, Spearritt reportedly made digs at him as recent as November, which could also explain why she's refraining from bringing it all back to S Club. In October, it was revealed that Spearritt was joining BBC1 soap EastEnders. The former member also seems to spend time traveling and attending Comic Con events internationally.

Rachel Stevens

This 39-year-old is keeping herself busy with mom life and show business, even if that doesn't include S Club 7. Over the summer, Stevens joined the UK series Celebrity MasterChef as a contestant. After her time with the group, Stevens launched a solo career, debuting albums in 2003 and 2005. She was also a coach on The Voice of Ireland and appeared in 2005's Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. She also calls herself a "fashion enthusiast" and has worked with Pinterest U.K.

Jon Lee

Lastly is Jon Lee, who's unfortunately no longer on social media (at least not publicly). Seemingly keeping a relatively low profile since his S Club days, Lee went from pop band to performing at London's West End. Before he deleted his Instagram account, Lee posted buff, shirtless selfies, getting fans excited. In 2010, Lee came out as gay in an interview with the U.K. publication Gay Times. In early 2017, Lee was caught searching for love on Tinder with some cheeky photos and a bio saying, "friends, fun, mates and dates are all good." His personal life has been kept under wraps since.

There you have it, S Club fans. While a majority of the group has gone its separate ways, the iconic "S Club Party" will stand the test of time.