Too Faced Teased These Gorgeous Lacy Compacts

Too Faced creative guru and co-founder Jerrod Blandino has done it again. Blandino is known to tease forthcoming products, which he lovingly calls "sneaky peeks," on his personal Instagram. Following his Peach Revolution tease, the ever-coy Blandino teased new lacy Too Faced compacts. He didn't reveal what, exactly, these lace-look products are. He merely stated that these were lab samples and that they would be "amazeballs." That, I do not doubt.

In his Insta post, there are three open-faced compacts. The two outer compacts look like they have black lace placed over the product itself. The center compact looks bronzy and with a lacy, floral print stamped into it.

To my eyes, the two bookend compacts are likely prototypes with a lacy stencil over top, which will imprint into the product itself and then be removed. IMO, the center product is what the final should look like once the lacy stencil is removed. To me, it wouldn't seem practical for a lace veil to remain over a pan of product.

That's my theory based on the visuals.

Of course Too Facers have their own theories, which they dropped in the comments of the Instagram post. There is only one constant and that's the faith that Blandino and co. have come up with something utterly amazing that all fans of the brand will want to use.

They are utterly gorgeous, aren't they? I am thinking these are baked blushes bronzers, or eyeshadows that will have lacy imprint instead of an overlay.

Fans are "ooh'ing" and "aah'ing" over Too Faced's latest offering.

Aside from the general excitement over this product, Too Facers are already accepting that yet another #ByeMoney product is on the horizon.

Here is Blandino's Peach Revolution tease, which could be an offshoot of the Sweet Peach line or further additions to the existing lineup. That's all TBD.

That said, we can expect Blandino to continue to offer more "sneaky peeks" and for fans to look for more intel about these compacts.

Images: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram (2)