What Are Trista & Ryan Sutter Doing In 2019? The First 'Bachelorette' Seems Happy With Her Quiet Colorado Life

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On May 6, ABC will air the "biggest Bachelorette reunion in Bachelor history ever." Naturally, that includes the first-ever Bachelorette, Trista Sutter. But it's been over 15 years since fans saw her fall in love onscreen, and now, in 2019, Trista and Ryan are living much quieter lives.

The couple has been married for 15 years and are now raising their two children in Colorado. While many Bachelor Nation stars choose to live in L.A. so they're close to all kinds of media opportunities, the Sutters seem happy with their more secluded life. Trista's Instagram bio proudly declares that she's a hockey and dance mom, and her page is filled to the brim with photos of her little family. In fact, she recently posted a photo from her daughter Blakesley's 10th birthday slumber party. From what Trista wrote in her caption, it sounds like it was a blast:

"Swimming, s'mores, manicures, movies, popcorn, necklaces, presents, ice cream cake, late night giggles, (THE most delicious!) pancake breakfast, and matching onesies and life was good for this 10 year old."

Living in Colorado, the Sutters also get to explore the wilderness in the area. A couple of weeks ago, Trista posted the below photo of Ryan at Beaver Lake. It's postcard-perfect.

Trista and Ryan are proud of how many years they've been together, and they credit all the work they've put in. "You just put your time and effort into your marriage, and into each other," Trista told Us Weekly when asked what the secret to their lasting relationship was. "You prioritize each other. You focus on trust and respect and love and friendship, and enjoying each other, enjoying what you love to do together in this life."

In December 2018, the pair celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and they posted sweet messages about it on Instagram. "Thank you @tristasutter for showing me what real love means, for putting up with me and for always caring. I love you forever and ever," Ryan wrote in his message.

Trista added in hers:

"@ryansutter thank you for 15 years (what?!!! How could it be 15 years?!) of blood, sweat, and heartbeats. Thank you for loving me for me...not fame or glory or just to 'win' that final rose. You and our family are the best part of our story and I can't wait to see what the next 15 years brings and the 15 after that and the 15 after that. ❤️Happy Anniversary babe!!! Ilu more."

Ryan was a firefighter when he competed on Trista's season, but he recently left that line of work. According to Instagram, he just started a new job at Vail Custom Builders, and he posted about leaving the fire service after all those years.

"The fire service taught me a lot. Foremost it taught me the importance of each day - of challenging yourself and of surrounding yourself with people and experiences that motivate and inspire those challenges. I've recently traded my helmet for a hard hat and began exploring the challenges of the built environment at @vailcustom builders. Change is hard. I miss so much about Vail Fire but appreciate this new opportunity and all it offers."

He also gave American Ninja Warrior a try, but posted on Instagram that he ultimately didn't make the final cast for the reality competition series.

And, of course, Trista and Ryan are still watching the show that brought them together. However, they told The Today Show that they don't want their kids watching their own season. "Their parents making out? No, we don't need to be showing them that," Trista said. But she said in the aforementioned Us Weekly article that she was very excited to see Hannah B. take on the Bachelorette role next.

"I love her," Trista told the outlet. "I'm excited for her ... I hope, like, I do for everybody, that she finds her love."

Fans will get to find out soon if she does, but first catch Trista and the other Bachelorettes crashing the mansion May 6 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.