What Bills Will President Donald Trump Sign? Here Are 7 Worrying Options


With the inauguration drawing inexorably closer, the country is preparing for the reality of Donald Trump's presidency and the legislation he will implement. His many, ever-changing policy proposals make it difficult to predict his upcoming actions in office, but these seven bills that Trump might sign as president are among the most talked about right now. However, with three weeks still left until the inauguration and a leader as unpredictable as Trump, anything could happen.

Obviously, this all depends on the cooperation of Congress, since that's where the bills come from for Trump to sign. Working in tandem with anyone isn't really Trump's strong suit, so it could be difficult for him to actually have a Day One agenda lined up in the next three weeks. However, these bills, even if they don't end up on his desk the first day, could eventually define Trump's presidency.

These seven bills could be just the start of what Trump will do to limit Americans' freedom while in office. Additionally, several of these are major changes to current U.S. administrative policy, which could have reverberating impacts for generations to come. This potential legislation is the reality of a Trump presidency, so get ready for what's to come.

The First Amendment Defense Act


This bill essentially legalizes the discrimination of LGBTQ+ people on the basis of their relationship status, but it can be used to discrimination against single mothers or non-married couples too.

The Reins Act

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This bill could be potentially crippling to the powers of the presidency — any new administrative rule with an economic impact over $100 million (which sounds like a lot, but is very little in the grand scheme of the federal government) would have to be approved by Congress.

Defense Appropriations

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Senate Democrats blocked this bill from moving forward when Republicans snuck anti-LGBT provisions in, but the resistance could be too diminished to make a difference in the new year.

U.N. Israel Resolution

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Paradoxically, Trump's administration is building a strong pro-Israel policy (even though his top advisor is an alleged anti-Semite and his campaign got criticized for spreading anti-Semitic messages). Republicans in Congress are furious over the U.N.'s recent resolution against Israel, so Trump could have his own resolution to sign soon.

The Midnight Rules Act


Another bill limiting the powers of the Executive Branch, the Midnight Rules Act would prevent agencies from creating any major new rules between Election Day and Inauguration Day in presidential election years, if a new president will be coming in.

Defund Planned Parenthood

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President Obama vetoed a bill to defund the abortion provider last year, but with Trump in the White House, it could lose the $528 million dollars of federal funding it primarily uses to screen for STDs and provide contraception.



This is the one bill that might have strong bipartisan support, if it weren't for Trump's proposed plan to pay for it. He wants to pay private investors to build and renovate roads, bridges, tunnels, and airports, then have them keep the profits.