'Bachelor' Star Corinne Runs A Big Business

by Kayla Hawkins
Rick Rowell/ABC

In the first trailers for the latest season of The Bachelor, one of the women immediately stood out, Corinne Olympios, due to her comments about not being able to wait to get her hands on Nick. That's not all Corinne is known for, though. In her bio on ABC's website, she talked about being a "businesswoman," but what is Bachelor star Corinne's business, exactly? During the premiere of The Bachelor, Corinne divulged that she works for her parents' multi-million dollar business — which is a pretty big deal. She didn't go much more in depth than that, and her social media pages or website didn't reveal the exact nature of the job.

Chris Harrison, in a preseason interview with Yahoo, teased that Corinne is a millionaire. More specifically, he said "She runs her parents’ multimillion-dollar company. She definitely approaches The Bachelor process with a business boardroom attitude." Interesting, since Corinne rarely posts about work, aside from a picture in an office here or there. But if she inherited her company, it's possible that it's the sort of business that would be unaffected by the addition of a bunch of Bachelor fans — so there may be no need to promote it.

In addition to helping her parents, Corinne is also a model, and likely supports herself with different gigs and projects relating to that career path. Her modeling days will likely only get busier after she shows up on The Bachelor; while she only has about four thousand Instagram followers right now, that number will surely rise as she gains more TV fame after the show's premiere. Between that career and her one with her parents, she seems pretty set on the job front. Now, we'll just have to wait and see if she finds love.