Kandee x SinfulColors Anime Nail Polishes Sparkle

Edward Cullen isn't the only one who sparkles! You and your nails can glimmer the same as the beloved and fictional vampire. Pink-haired blogger Kandee Johnson and SinfulColors partnered for two affordable, on trend nail polish collections.

The Pretty Vintage polishes are $1.99 a bottle and are available at most major drugstores. That set is full of pinks and pastels — like a gorgeous Easter basket come to life. I nabbed the baby blue Candy Hearts that I plan to use for my pedi this week. Sorry, not sorry, but I can't wait for spring and summer to put this shade into rotation.

The Pretty Vintage range is 12 limited edition polishes strong — nine are matte texture, three are "Sugar" texture. But it's not the sole Kandee Johnson x SinfulColors collection to make your mani and pedi feel like a super sweet party.

The Kandee Johnson x SinfulColors Vintage Anime Collection sparkles. What colors comprise this twinkling and iridescent collection of limited edition lacquers, available at Walgreens?

There are 12 shades at $2.99 a bottle and they come in silver, pink, purple, and gold glitter hues. There are multi-dimensional colors and effects! The entire collection doesn't break the bank but the quality is stellar. Plus, you have so many choices to do monochromatic looks or you can pair shades and textures to rock that nail art.

These are the Vintage Animes!

You will never lack sparkle or shine with this range.

You can totally do right by your digits with this collection.

If you are like me and wear all black, all of the time, these nail polishes are an easy, fun, and affordable way to inject a little color and glimmer into your look in a subtle, sweet way. Just a spot of color on your fingers and toes is perfectly suitable when you are devoted to an entirely black wardrobe.

Images: SinfulColors/Instagram (2); Courtesy of SinfulColors (2)