Kandee Johnson x SinfulColors Polishes Are Here

It's looking like 2017 will be vlogger Kandee Johnson's year. She's starting off with some huge partnerships. Johnson is rumored to be collaborating with Too Faced based on social teases. She also teamed up with a favorite drugstore nail brand. Kandee Johnson for SinfulColors is a sugary sweet nail polish collection in the "Vintage Matte" finish and one with a "Sugar" texture, per Johnson's Insta post. Where can you grab Johnson's SinfulColors nail polishes?

Good news, nail art fiends! Kandee Johnson for SinfulColors lacquers will be available at a wide variety of locations, including easily accessible drugstores like Walgreens and discount retailers like Target and K-mart.

The colors include Strawberry Milk (pastel pink), Mint Chip (soft green), Candy Hearts (powder blue), Pin Up Pink (fuchsia), and Whipped Frosting (white), which are all matte. Then there is Kanfetti (pastel blue, pink, and green glitter that's still matte) and Pink Velvet (sparkly hot pink with the "Sugar" finish).

The shades are a harbinger of spring, with their Easter egg hues! They are on trend, since pastel is a thing so far this year, like with Kat Von D's Pastel Goth Palette. The bottles also boast attractive bargain prices. The colors are also vibrant and vintage-inspired and the finishes are playful. Nail art is supposed to be fun and this collab captures that essence.

Let's observe the Kandee Johnson for SinfulColors nail polishes.

Here are the pretty pastels, courtesy of Kandee Johnson and SinfulColors.

Have another look at this mani and pedi loveliness.

It's a candy store, or a Kandee store, of colors!

This is how Johnson rocked her own polishes. It's nail art, indeed.

This caption accompanied Johnson's nail art post, explaining the vintage matte finish and why this particular nail look is glossed out.

This collab is all about that vintage glam.

More deets, courtesy of Kandee.

Have a closer look.

It's like a candy store and an Easter basket collided. It's going to be a great year for your digits.

Images: SinfulColors/Instagram (2); Kandee Johnson/Instagram (3); Courtesy of SinfulColors (2)