There's An Army Green Rihanna Puma Slide Now

It's time to slide into spring. Rihanna's Internet-breaking Puma Slides are back. The turnt up shower shoes came in black, white, blush, and gray in 2016. What about this year's models? What colors are Rihanna's new Puma slides?

There is a new hue and it's army green. It also comes with quite a twist. Instead of the furry band across the top of the foot, from which the toes can peek out, there is a pretty satin bow. Remember, the brand and its creative director changed up the best-selling, impossible-to-get suede Creeper before Christmas. They created a velvet version of the Puma Creeper that came in crimson, black, and gray.

The new Rihanna Fenty Puma slide is a unique shade of green that would go great with any cammo pieces you may have in your closet or in your wardrobe already. There also appears to be a blush version with bows, as seen on Rihanna's feet in a Puma Insta pic.

The latest edition of the Rihanna slides drops as a pre-release on Thursday, Mar. 9 at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m PT via the Puma site. You will certainly be able to strut your stuff in these shoes. I will pause for a hot second so you can whip out your phone and program an alarm clock or reminder. You definitely want to shop these slides, especially if you've been smitten with Rih's prior shoe drops.

Green with envy, right? What do you think about the new look Puma slides? Can you hang with olive-colored footwear?

See Rihanna wearing blush (or pink) slides with a satin bow in this Insta pic!

Oh look! It's the OG three!

The gray pair dropped in the summer and joined the furry footwear family.

Oh, and a little IRL tip re: the Rih Puma Slides. I recently had a minor outpatient foot procedure and I was encouraged not to wear closed toe shoes for a week. But it was winter, so I was like "What do I do?"

Here's what I did — I relied on my black furry Rihanna Puma slides. I wore 'em with socks, which is a trend I normally hate. But my toe was able to heal unencumbered.

That's what makes these shoes so great. They are the epitome of street style and they are fashionable and functional.

Images: Puma/Instagram (3); Courtesy of Puma (1)