A Refresher On Melisandre In 'GoT' Season 6

Winter finally came, but then Game of Thrones fans were cruelly forced to wait over a year for the premiere of Season 7. But fear not, my sweet summer children, because the moment is almost here. A lot went down during Season 6 of GoT, and you might have forgotten some important character moments that happened while you were waiting for this excruciatingly long break between seasons to end. Everyone's favorite red priestess had a particularly impactful Season 6, so here's a refresher on exactly what Melisandre did in Season 6 of Game of Thrones. A year is too big of a gap to be able to remember all of the character's story lines.

She Revealed Her True Form

In Season 6, Episode 1, Melisandre took off her necklace and revealed her true form: an extremely old lady. There's been no real reason shared about the importance of this fact, but Game of Thrones is not known for tidying up story lines quickly.

She Resurrected Jon Snow

In arguably her most important moment in the whole series, Melisandre put her magic to use and brought back Jon Snow from the dead. We all knew that Jon couldn't really be dead, but it was still a very comforting moment when he opened his eyes again.

She Became A Devoted Jon Snow Follower

After resurrecting Jon Snow, Melisandre devoted herself to him and changed her mind about Stannis. Instead, she came to believe Jon to be the "prince that was promised." Honestly, I'd follow Jon Snow anywhere, too.

She Confessed Her Role In The Death Of Princess Shireen

Melisandre was hiding this dirty secret for pretty much all of Season 6. Ser Davos, aka Princess Shireen's BFF, learned the truth, confronted Melisandre, and offered to execute her himself.

She Was Exiled From The North

Convincing someone to burn a child at the stake to try and help win a war is definitely grounds for exile, and that is exactly what Jon Snow did to Melisandre in the finale of Season 6. Sure, it wasn't exactly the execution that Ser Davos was hoping for, but it was still pretty harsh. The last time we saw the Red Woman, she was riding south from Winterfell.

Even though Season 6 confirmed so many fan theories and filled in a lot of blanks there are still so many questions that need to be answered. Where is Melisandre going? Is she going to meet up with other Red Women? Are there going to be any side effects from her bringing Jon back? What's the significance of her extremely old age?

Sunday can't come fast enough.