What Disappointment You're Most Likely To Encounter In Your Dating Life, Based On Your Sign

If you follow astrology and are true to your zodiac sign, you've probably started to realize there are specific disappointments you're most likely to encounter in your dating life, based on your sign. I'm a Gemini, for instance — communicative and free-spirited. Therefore, if my significant other were to be especially quiet or try to control me, I'd probably be decidedly less than chill about it. What does your zodiac sign say about you, and what traits in others simply don't mesh with you? We're going to explore.

It's an interesting conversation, really, because there are two major schools of thought: opposites attract, and... the opposite of that. While many of us tend to agree with one or the other, it's more complicated than we might realize. Research has found that both can be true, under certain circumstances: yes, opposites attract, and at the same time, yes, we look for someone similar to us.

What does it all mean, then? If you're an analytical Virgo, do you want someone who will let you lead the way on that front, or someone who can match your level of curiosity? While there's no one-size-fits-all rule, here are the disappointments you're most likely to encounter, based on your zodiac sign.


Aries craves adventure and spontaneity, and they're widely considered the bravest sign of the zodiac. You want action and fireworks. If your partner is more of a quiet homebody, though, you might feel as though something is lacking. You want to be entertained; and though there's nothing wrong with a night at home reading a good book, it's just not your cup of tea.


You're always so practical and down to earth, Taurus — a trait that everyone admires you for. But if you're dating someone who prefers to live a bit more extravagantly, you might experience some friction; and by friction, I mean there's a good chance you'll be left disappointed. One personality isn't better than the other; it's just... different.


Gemini loves affection — both giving and receiving. But do you smother your partner in hugs and kisses, and then feel a little empty when they don't reciprocate? Don't assume it's because they don't feel the same way. Maybe they just express it differently, or they're a little more reserved. Either way, you're likely to feel as though your needs aren't often meant because not everyone is as affectionate as you are.


Cancer, you're so sensitive and in tune with your emotions — and the emotions of others. People admire that in you. While this characteristic is something that makes you special, it also means you could very well feel unsatisfied with a mate that's not quite as connected to his emotions (or other people's) as much as you are. Of course they still have feelings; nobody is made of stone. It's just that you might be more compatible with someone who not only gets you, but can better relate.


Leo is like the Energizer bunny, and your energy and enthusiasm are enviable. Your partner loves that about you; but if they can't keep up with your level of excitement, you might feel like they're weighing you down. Rest assured they have passion inside of them like you do; but you might fare better with someone who more openly expresses it.


Virgo is analytical, finding pleasure and amusement in taking things apart, breaking them down, and understanding how they work and what makes them tick. But if the person you're dating is less, "Who cares how they get the cookies in the cookies and cream ice cream," and more, "Let me eat the damn ice cream," you might be left feeling a little deflated.


Libra wants to be swept off their feet by romance and charm. Are you dating someone who's totally a great person but isn't into candlelit dinners and stargazing? This could be the most common problem you run into while on the search for Mr. or Mrs. Right. We all express our love differently, but you're often left wondering, "Is this it?"


As you go through life, Scorpio, you like to focus on the tasks at hand and squash one goal at a time. You're not the best multitasker and need to avoid distractions. So often, you find yourself dating someone whose brain doesn't like to work with the same laser-focus as yours does, and it can make for a relationship that's a wee bit uninspiring.


Sagittarius is an extrovert through and through. You're curious and energetic, and you're a real people-person. Dating can be difficult for you, though, because it feels like no one has the thirst for life and adventure that you do. You need to find someone who can keep up with you — whether their own traits match yours, or they're the polar opposite but support and complement you beautifully.


When we think Capricorn, we think generous, helpful, giving. You live to pay it forward, Cap; and you're constantly disappointed when your dating partners — as nice as they are — don't have that same urge to give back to others. You know you were born a giving person; and you need a partner who gets that.


Aquarius needs their space, being so independent and self-sufficient. You're seriously bummed that you keep dating people who want to lovingly smother you with attention and affection. You enjoy it, but in small doses; and you keep finding yourself frustrated that people don't understand your need for a little "me time" each day.


Ah, yes — the artist of the zodiac. Pisces loves to play and create and imagine and make believe. You're always let down, though, when your partner gently reminds you that you're an adult and should take life a little more seriously. They don't mean anything bad by it; they just don't understand the way in which you express yourself.