What Do Pets Do When We're Not Home? I Visited PetCon To Ask Celebrity Pets

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Anyone who shares their home with a fur baby has come home to a "surprise" at least once. It's no secret that pets can get a little sad, mischievous, or downright wild when we're away. I'll still never forget the time my family came home to find my childhood dog had gotten into a Costco-sized package of jalapeño sausages — and yes, that 12-pound Pomeranian ate every last one. Look, I don't blame pets. Being home alone all day without Netflix probably gets super lonely!

Have you ever wondered what your pet does all day? You're not alone. That's why I was excited to visit the first annual PetCon in Los Angeles — a conference full of panels, pet adoptions, activations, and meet-and-greets with "celebrity pets" — to ask dog moms and dads what they think their pups do when they're not home. Surprisingly, their answers had a very common theme. Can you guess it? (Hint: It's one of my favorite activities.)

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