What Does "Be Best" Mean? Melania Trump's Organization Has A Name People Find Kinda Ironic

On Monday, the first lady announced how she plans to spend her time while living in the White House. Melania Trump's platform, named "Be Best," elicited Twitter reactions almost immediately. Some observers clung to the fact that, while part of her platform intends to fight cyberbullying, her husband, President Trump, has developed quite a reputation for weaponizing social media against those who don't support him.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has dismissed the notion that Trump had somehow contributed to a toxic online culture. "I think the idea that you're trying to blame cyberbullying on the President — when it comes to kids this is something that has been problematic and something that we have seen over the last decade," Sanders told reporters, according to CNN.

That being said, President Trump is certainly well-known for firing off tweets about people he doesn't like, and especially so for using the platform to give those people confrontational nicknames. And on Twitter Monday afternoon, many people were quick to utilize the website to point out the slightly ironic nature of the first lady choosing to publicly, explicitly work to fight against those who are unkind online.

The hashtag #BeBest tore across the social media website, many pointing to past incidents where Trump was less than his best on the internet.

"A True Loser"

laurenholter on Twitter

The time Trump called Rosie O'Donnell "a true loser."

A List Of People & Places That Have Been Insulted

bencjacobs on Twitter

As of April 30, Trump had reportedly insulted 459 people, places, and things online, according to The New York Times.

That's A Command

tasneemn on Twitter

This meme always finds a way to come back.


plainjane357 on Twitter

One user questioned Melania's credentials to teach others to be kind online.

The Irony

effendunn on Twitter

Many users said that the president was too much of a bully for Melania's campaign.

Message For The President

maximusmom22 on Twitter

One user questioned who Melania's message was directed at.

Social Media Advising

tonyposnanski on Twitter

One user questioned whether anyone in the family had a leg to stand on when it came to social media.

Be Better Than Who?

c_sommerfeldt on Twitter

One user asked who children are supposed to be better than.

Throwing Shade?

jeneps on Twitter

Many felt that Melania might have been subtly digging at someone else during her announcement.

Ready For The Job

omarg on Twitter

One user referred to Melania as the self-appointed anti-cyberbullying czar.

Also, Trump Spoke

benjysarlin on Twitter

Some thought that President Trump's input was just as odd as his wife's announcement.

But Her Husband...

rcosgrove on Twitter

One user questioned whether the first lady's staff considered how this could look.

Please Remind Us

dannyderaney on Twitter

One user harkened back to one of the more controversial campaign speeches Trump gave.

Will Always Be Funny

kenklippenstein on Twitter

Many couldn't help but laugh.

It's The Trump Children, Too

thetomzone on Twitter

The president wasn't the only one in his family accused of cyberbullying.

Detracting From Teacher Appreciation?

omekongo on Twitter

The timing of Melania's announcement was called into question.

What Behavior Is Okay?

kurtbardella on Twitter

Trump's penchant for nicknames definitely made an appearance.

Is She Enabling?

dashannestokes on Twitter

Melania is not in charge of her husband, but some questioned whether she was enabling behavior that critics disapproved of.

This One Popped Up A Lot

latenightseth on Twitter

Even the late night shows chimed in.

The first lady is by no means responsible for her husband's behavior online, and many recognized this. But some found her decision to combat cyberbullying to be a little tone-deaf. Whether her platform has any bearing on cyberbullying's prevalence waits to be seen.