What Does Corinne's Dad Do? 'The Bachelor' Star's Father Is Part Of The Family Business

Jeff Daly/ABC

When she came onto The Bachelor, Corinne Olympios claimed to run a "multi-million dollar company," and I guess that's close to the truth? The real truth is that it's her father's company, and she just works for it. But, what does Corinne's dad do?

Well, Corinne's family (including her dad, obviously) owns and operates a company called ArmorGarage, and they deal in epoxy coatings, roof coatings, deck coatings, and the like. Corinne confirmed as much in an interview with Glamour, saying, "I run my family's online business, doing epoxy floorings and roof coatings." There is a record for a James Olympios in Miami, Florida, with a professional affiliation to ArmorGarage Inc., so I'm willing to guess that that's the very same James Olympios that spawned Corinne. While it's not exactly super sexy work, what ArmorGarage does is important. They deal, according to their website, in "high performance premium grade epoxy coatings and flooring products" to the U.S. military, Fortune 500 companies, and various shop and home owners." That all means contracts for the company, and that usually means the big dollars, which could possibly stay in Corinne's dad's pockets if Corinne doesn't spend it all at the boutique (which she almost did on her hometown date).


What would happen if Corinne and Nick stayed together? Would the business bring a new son-in-law into the fold? Nick sold software, he sold himself as the Bachelor, and I think he could probably sell floor epoxies with few problems. Corinne's dad was worried about Nick's job after The Bachelor wrapped, but hey! They could just get another family employee.