Amy Adams' Husband Is Seriously Talented

by Nicole Pomarico
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Amy Adams has never been the kind of celebrity who likes to put her personal life on display, but when it comes to award shows and other red carpet events, you've probably noticed the handsome man who's always on her arm, there to support her. And just in case you're wondering who he is? That's Adams' husband, Darren Le Gallo. After dating for almost 15 years, the committed couple tied the knot in 2015 and seem to have been living happily ever after ever since. But what does Darren Le Gallo do? As it turns out, he's actually got an amazing career that rivals his talented wife's.

Just like Adams, Le Gallo is also an actor. He's appeared in smaller roles in movies like Trouble With The Curve, Date Night, and Lullaby, and he's even had a recurring role in the TV series Then We Got Help!. But even though he's been working in TV and film since his first guest starring appearance on Six Feet Under in 2001, it doesn't seem like acting is his main focus; instead, that title belongs to art.

In his Twitter bio, Le Gallo's official description of himself is "I Make Stuff," and since he has his hands in so many different creative areas, that seems pretty accurate. One example? His electronic music, which can be found on his Soundcloud.

And then, there's his visual art, too.

In his bio on the Trigg Ison Fine Art museum website, here is how Le Gallo's art is defined:

Somewhere between Surrealism and Expressionism Le Gallo finds his main influences. The exploration of the subconscious mind, and the mysteries of dreams and the human psyche are the main themes within his work.

If you already follow Le Gallo on Instagram, you've probably noticed that his art is a focal point of his accounts (even though he sometimes shares photos of his famous wife, as well). He seems to concentrate most on murals and drawings, and if you like his style, he even sells his work on Artnet, including both sketches and paintings. Some of his stuff is pretty wild!

I love that Adams and Le Gallo are both such creative souls, and I'm willing to bet that their ridiculously adorable daughter, Aviana, has inherited some of her parents' talent.

But while I'm waiting, I'm going to go pour over Le Gallo's Instagram some more. Some of his stuff is so good it's insane to think someone actually drew it!