Paul Has A New Catchphrase On 'Big Brother' & It's Terrible

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Paul Abrahamian is the catchphrase king of Big Brother. In seasons 18 and 19, Paul popularized multiple new phrases in the Big Brother lexicon. "Friendship." "Pissed." "Ya boy." Paul's catchphrases were quick and simple, getting straight to the point while still maintaining a unique element that made Paul stand out amongst his fellow houseguests. However, much like Icarus, it seems that Paul has finally flown too close to the sun by trying to make up an entirely new word. Paul's latest catchphrase has fans yearning to know what Paul thinks "gumpy" means on Big Brother.

If you're anything like me, your mind has immediately gone to a flexible green toy that hangs out with a red horse. That is Gumby. Paul is saying the word "Gumpy", with a P, and it has nothing to do with everyone's friendly clay pal and no precedence in the English language. Perhaps the fact that other members of the house are now using the word "gumpy" is the ultimate display of Paul's power, as he has seemingly willed a word into existence without anyone around to explain that gumpy is not, nor has ever been, a real word. Despite the dubious birth of the word, it has come to represent a deeply negative event — or, as Paul puts it, "not friendship."

Paul took it upon himself to address a curious public and define gumpy once and for all via the Big Brother live feeds.

"Gumpy is like an activity, an action, a person. It's a noun, a verb, an adjective, it's everything. A human can be gumpy. 'That dude is gumpy.' It's a verb, an action can be gumpy. Everything is gumpy.

Paul seems to be excited at how flexible a word gumpy is, but seems to be confused about how different types of words work.

Gumpy, more than anything, seems to be strictly an adjective. Gumpy can be used to describe other things but does not mean anything beyond that. Paul claims that Gumpy is a noun, but there is no such thing as a "gump." Paul also claims that gumpy can be used as a verb, as in "to gump." By his own definition of the word, the phrase, "Watch Paul gump to the gumpy gump" makes complete sense.

In his live feed address, Paul provided examples of things that had happen in Big Brother 19 that could be classified as gumpy. "Dominique's talk show? Gumpy ... Josh grabbing the apple week one? Gumpy. Raven just agreeing with everything and claiming she knows what you're talking about? Gumpy." Perhaps the best example of what it means to be gumpy came down to Paul's description of his BB19 rival. From Paul's point of view, "Cody [is] gumpy."

It seems that gumpy is intended to stand in for any kind of word that could mean negative, rude, inconvenient, or annoying. However, just because Paul has everyone in the Big Brother house saying it, doesn't mean it's a thing. Gumpy has become the "fetch" of the Big Brother house, and much like Gretchen Wieners' word of choice, gumpy just isn't going to happen. Sorry Paul, I know that's pretty gumpy.