Investigating The Relationship Status Of 'BB19's Showmance Killer

Monty Brinton/CBS

There's no denying that Paul has been running the house on Big Brother 19. After coming in second place on Big Brother 18, the well-groomed vet has made it clear that he intends to win the current season of the show. While both BB18 and BB19 have been heavy on showmances, Paul has stayed out of a relationship in the Big Brother house two years in a row. Is it just that he doesn't vibe with anyone in the house? Is Big Brother 19's Paul single, or could he have a relationship outside the house?

When he came to Big Brother 19, Paul wasn't in a relationship. Being single does not always lead to being in a showmance, but it seemed that Paul had more interest in forging friendships than relationships. His partnership with close friend Victor in the Big Brother house, not to mention his deep abiding love for a duck-shaped pool floaty Pablo, satiated Paul's need for companionship while he was on the show. But in Big Brother 19, without Victor or Pablo to lean on, why isn't Paul leaning on anyone else romantically? Who is outside the house that is keeping him from participating in the flirtfest that is Big Brother 19?

Judging by his social media accounts, Paul appears to be single outside of the Big Brother house. Being in a relationship outside of the show hasn't stopped houseguests from hooking up before, but the fact that Paul has been single in the house for two seasons and has never been in a showmance says a lot about how he chooses to play the game. While a showmance is born out of a romantic connection, many people use their showmances to get ahead in the game. Nicole of BB18 managed to get to the final four with her showmance Corey, and their partnership helped her beat Paul in the end.

Paul, however, seems to believe that showmances hurt more than they help. He has been staunchly against the idea of showmances, and in Big Brother 19 has been targeting them to make them less powerful. While Paul is aware of the power that comes with being in a showmance, he chooses not to be in one so that he can play his own game. If Paul is aware that they are solid gameplay and feels the need to break them up, why is he so opposed to the idea of being in one?

The fact is that Paul may not be opposed to the prospect of a showmance. He may just have never met the right person to pair up with to justify one. While showmances are often used for strategy in the house, there is no way to force a romantic connection. Most Big Brother relationships form in the first few weeks, so it's probably safe to say that Paul won't be getting into a showmance this season. There's also a very real possibility that he is not single outside of the house, and simply doesn't want his partner to have the attention of Big Brother fans.

Whatever the truth is, it's obvious that no relationship is going to stand between Paul and the half-million dollar grand prize that waits at the end of Big Brother.