What Does It Mean If Mercury Retrograde Is In Aries? Get Ready To Run Into Tons Of Communication Problems

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Just when you feel like things are finally moving forward, Mercury retrograde is descending Mar. 22 to remind you who's in charge. If you're wondering: What does it mean if Mercury retrograde is in Aries? This whirlwind backspin might mean you have both of your feet in your mouth more often than they're on the ground because Mercury retrograde in Aries makes you more likely to blurt things out without thinking. "Expect to be frustrated and frazzled," the Old Farmer's Almanac advised. "Assertive,
 impulsive Aries wants to move
 ahead, and all of the energy is going backward. Watch what you say and how you say it."

Mercury retrograde is already known to induce communication kerfuffles, and Aries will only increase the likelihood for misunderstandings. "The retrograde Mercury in Aries is a period which requires a great deal of conscious effort on your part with regards to your communication style and content with others," Kelli Fox explained on her website The Astrologer. "There is a strong tendency to blurt things out or to be blunt in ways that are less than useful." What's more, aside from the potential for diarrhea of the mouth, you're also likely to misinterpret what others say. It's important to take a beat and remember that if you're having a hard time policing your own mouth, others are have the same issue — try not to take it personally.


While most astrologers advise against against signing contracts, changing jobs, or making big purchases during Mercury retrograde, this is especially important when this backspin occurs in Aries. Seriously, I actually said to my roommate the other day, "I need to buy this new car before Mercury retrograde." Because, I previously tried to buy a car during Mercury Retrograde and it was a total debacle. The worst part is that I know better so I put myself through hell for nothing.

"We can be more impulsive, impatient, wanting to jump into things without thinking, and this can get us in hot water in a flash, or cause some unexpected problems because we didn't think things through," The Dark Pixie Astrology explained on its website. "Or didn't think at all! It's important to not give in to the impulsive energy, but we can feel like if we don't jump right away, we'll miss out. A lot of FOMO, but it may not be reality. Breathe!"


In fact, if you've been contemplating taking up a meditation practice, this Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to start a 30-day meditation challenge to create some space in your brain between your thoughts and your words and actions. You might also want to surround yourself protective crystals. Even if you think crystals are new age-y excessive, you can wear them as jewelry, and it doesn't hurt to have a little extra help when it feel like things are spinning out of control. While they're not magic, crystals related to communication could keep you from a Will & Grace moment where everyone finds the means notes you've written about them because you've been advised not to verbalize what you really think.

Now for the good news. Because Aries is a fiery and impulsive mistress, if you've been holding back professing your love to someone, or ending a bad relationship, this Mercury retrograde will help you speak your truth because Aries is associated with Venus, the goddess and ruling planet of all things love. "There will be a focus on any communication problems you have with your partner or communication problems may arise if you are dating," Astrology King noted on their website. What's more, "Mercury retrograde usually brings you into contact with old friends so Mercury retrograde 2018 conjunct Venus brings the possibility of meeting ex partners. New friends or lovers may trigger feelings of déjà vu because of your past-life memories."


Between trying to keep your feet out of your mouth and speaking your truth to lovers and friends, you might not pay close enough attention to your surroundings, which can make you accident prone while Mercury is backpedaling through Aries. "Aries energy can be prone to accidents and injuries because of the impulsive energy, so we may see some extra accidents occurring around the world, especially with things where we didn't do our due diligence beforehand," The Dark Pixie Astrology explained.

So, make sure to look both ways before crossing the street, pay attention while driving and walking up and down stairs, and maybe postpone any daredevil activities like skydiving until Mercury goes direct April 15. In addition to all of that, Aries can have you wearing your fight face more often that you'd like. "We do need to be mindful of our tempers, getting into fights and easily frustrated, and an [having] outlet for energy can be key during this retrograde," The Dark Pixie Astrology advised. "Keep busy, and focus on something positive to direct the extra energy that can flare up." Seriously, with such much potential peril associated with Mercury retrograde in Aries, it's an ideal time to stay home and practice self-care until this dark and twisty cycle ends.