Why This Weekend's Full Moon Means You'll Have To Make A Tough Decision Soon

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

We started this year off strong with lunar events — a super blue blood moon in January — and the month of March is proving to be no exception to the trend. The month started with an epic full moon, and the month will close with an even more epic blue moon in Libra on Mar. 31 at 8:37 a.m. EST. Wondering what it means if the full moon is in Libra? March 2018's blue moon is essentially hyper charged with emotion, rarity, and even spiritual significance. See? I told you March was going to be host to epic lunar events. But while a pretty full moon might be something to look forward to, the moon's influence in under Libra might be less of an attraction.

Generally, the presence of the full moon in the sky will have a mentally illuminating effect on us. The combination of our alignment with the moon and the awareness of the end of a lunar cycle inspires us to think about ourselves and the way things have gone for us over the last month, and how we want things to go for ourselves over the next month. But the astrological house of the moon has an effect on what exactly is illuminated.

Libra is the house of balance. Libras are ruled by a desire for harmony in all areas of their lives. They don't like to be alone, rather they like to surround themselves with a variety of people who even them out. And while Libras and kind and peaceful creatures, the full blue moon in Libra isn't necessarily going to have a kind and peaceful effect on us. February 2018 was a short month that came and went without a full moon. Because of that, March has been a long and intense month of reflection and growth. As temperatures start to warm up and as we finally reached the spring equinox, many of us became reinvigorated with ambition and drive, propelling us forward so intensely that we're nearly barreling into April. But the Libra blue moon is going to force us to slow down. I will act as an emergency break that makes us stop, take a look at ourselves, and make sure we're aiming for the right thing, rather than the most appealing thing. It will also point out the people around us who are not great influences and make it hard to ignore.

After a long winter it's no surprise that many of us feel cooped up, unproductive and under stimulated. We look forward to the spring because we know that it will bring us back to life and the second we see it in the distance, we have a tenancy to lose sight of what's important and just sprint for that change. The Libra blue moon is going to make the imbalances in our life painfully obvious. If you've been slacking at work because your personal life has been stressful, your boss is going to call you out on it and you're going to have to readjust your priorities. If you're taking more than you're been giving in other areas of your life, the deficit will be felt under the Libra full moon. Friends might admit they're disappointed with you, lovers might voice feelings of imbalance and if you've been burning the candle at both ends internally, you're going to reach your absolute limit. Though the Libra full moon will make you want to surround yourself with friends, you might need to spend some time alone meditating and really thinking about your intentions for the next month, with no distractions.

To avoid having a meltdown under the Libra blue moon, take some time in the next day or two to pump your own brakes. Locate the imbalances in your life and start working on evening things out before life starts evening it our for you. Make a list of the scales you need to tip and start transferring the weight. You won't realize how unbalanced you've become until things are even. Once they are, take note of how you got there and use that feeling as motivation to stay both internally and externally harmonious into the next few months.