November’s Full Moon Is Going To Be BIG For People With This Sign

by Brittany Bennett

Refill those journal pages — another full moon is on its way to illuminate the November night sky. On Nov. 4, the moon will rise in the bull of the zodiac. But, what does it mean if the full moon is in Taurus? We know that the lunar cycle has the power to tug on our emotions. What parts of our lives can we expect to focus our energy on? And, it doesn't matter if your astrological sign fall under Taurus or not: No matter your sign, you'll still feel the effects under the bull's full moon beams.

No matter what zodiac the full moon falls in — or rises, rather — this part of the lunar cycle represents the ending of ~things~. You might want to lift a pen to the page and scribble down what you need to vent out of you in order to make room for more positive changes and good vibes. That's generally what this full moon in Taurus is asking of you. What has completed its course in your life? Do you need to shout, "boy, bye"? The full moon is here to help you illuminate the clutter that needs to be swept up and disposed of.

Don't worry, it doesn't seem like this is going to be a very painful task. Astrology experts are very into picking up what these beams are throwing down from the Universe for all of us. They do warn, however, that if you stay as stubborn as the bull, you won't see any positive change. So, open your heart chakra and maybe even third eye chakra. Here's what you need to know.

Relationships Are In The Spot — Er — Moonlight

Hot. Damn. Cafe Astrology writes that, "this is a passionate and creative Full Moon, ripe with possibilities and learning experiences. Intimate relationship matters, such as personal comfort levels and values as well as sexuality, figure prominently now." Whether you have a boo who is always number one in your iMessage conversations or are still swiping for The One, this is the kind of moon that will conjure romance and matters of it. Cuddle up close to those you love, dousing them with affection you feel for them but maybe haven't displayed lately. Or, put yourself out there by saying "hey" first.

However, staying ~on theme~ with the full moon, this could also mean it's time to go on an unfollow spree. Who doesn't do it for you anymore? Taurus is all about practicality. So if your social media and contact numbers are clogged with exes who don't deserve to take up precious storage space, you might need to get yourself a bottle of wine for a night of digital detoxing.

Get Your Affairs In Order

Get. On. Taurus'. Level. The bull is all about getting the job done. And the full moon brings a wave of opportunity for abundance. But the catch — because, hello, have you seen any reality TV contest show ever, there's always a catch — is that you'll have to let go of the things holding you back from it. Your feelings might feel more amped than usual this Full Moon. That's because the sun is in Scorpio's world right now, and they are all about emotions taking over! Cafe Astrology suggests that this opposition means, "we need to awaken to a new way of doing things and enjoying ourselves." Re-energize your life, disposing what's been holding you back. You're supposed to be having fun in this thing we call life. The Full Moon in Taurus is here to remind you of what you already have and everything you deserve.

Take a cue from our buddy the Bull and figure out practicalities. I'm so serious you guys, you should have a journal and pen handy through this Full Moon. It doesn't hurt to draft up lists upon lists to help you configure what your next steps to self-love, success and everything you've ever wanted are.

You Are Your Only Obstacle

If you're jotting down notes and venting out a Russian novel's worth of what needs to exit your life in order to manifest the positive, you might just need to look in the mirror. No offense. I mean, you don't have to stop writing to realize this. And it's not you that's bad per se. The Taurus is notoriously stubborn and set in their ways. You might be your own road block. All those notes about re-energizing your life? That means re-evaluating what you're doing and ~changing~ your ways.

The full moon suggests that the only thing holding you back from all of your dreams, be it one million Instagram followers or dollars, is you. Don't get too hard on yourself yet — or ever. What good has that ever done? This is a positive revelation that should lead to positive transitions in your life. Cafe Astrology follows up by saying that under this Full Moon, "we more easily make personal sacrifices for what we believe to be the better good." See? You might feel like it's time for a change anyways, and be able to actually step away from self-sabotaging old habits, making this once unconquerable obstacle course (you and/or your negative thoughts) a track you can get through easily. Try to let go of the patterns that have held you back and release those suckers into the night. Unshackled, you'll start moving towards the life you want.

Overall, good vibes are beaming down from Taurus' residency in the moon this month. Happy journaling!