Tonight’s New Moon Is Going To Be Extra Special If You’re A Sagittarius

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

While the celestial focus is often geared towards full moons, the new moon holds a transformative cosmic energy that's worth paying attention to — especially the last lunar cycle of the calendar year. If you're wondering if it will actually mean anything this month when the new moon goes into Sagittarius, know that many astrologers will agree it does. On Dec. 18, at 1:30 a.m., the new moon will rise in Sagittarius, the fire sign that has a thirst for the truth and is not afraid to seek it. Astrologers believe that the hosting zodiac sign has a big influence on the energy the moon evokes in us.

Right before the new moon, the sun will be sitting close to Saturn, which for many, might bring up conversations that you've been meaning to have with people. Right before the new moon, you might have a flood of reminders of things you wanted to say in an argument, but were too scared to. Or people you wanted to confront, but couldn't find the courage. Ways you wanted to defend yourself to your boss, but couldn't find the nerve. All of these instances will dance around your mind over the next few days, and you'll feel sure it's time to finally speak up. But instead of shaking things up too much, take these thoughts as reminders that you haven't been using your voice as much as you should, and vow to improve on your communication skills in the next lunar cycle. Surely if something is really bothering you, or feels deeply unjust or unsafe, speak up. Otherwise, change your ways going forward. Your opinions are valuable, your voice deserves to be heard.

When the new moon finally rises on Dec. 18, you're going to feel a desire to be active with your intentions. For weeks you've been feeling slow and stiff and cold, beat down by the winter and the chaos of the holiday season, so this surge of energy will surprise you. All of the things that you were thinking about putting on your New Year's resolution list suddenly feel like pressing matters that can't wait another week or two to pursue. Go with it! If you have the mojo to ask for that promotion, sign up for that new gym membership, find a new therapist, minimize your wardrobe or change your attitude, do it! Follow that energy as long as you can.

Sagittarius is adventurous and eager to evolve. When they recognize the truth, it becomes impossible to ignore. When they start a project, the have to see it through. So at this time in the year when people tend to wind down and tie things up, the Sagittarius is too inspired to slow down. They want to keep pushing themselves, making things better, bigger and more profound. So this new moon might help you see your resolutions in clear view, and once you see them you won't be able to sit back and wait until the New Year to get started. And why wait for an arbitrary date? Start early and chip away at your goals one by one, that way they'll be much more attainable. This might be the most fiery surge of energy you find all year, so do not let it pass through you like a lightening storm, grab on to it and go along for the ride. Who knows, if you use this new moon energy to get started early, you might find yourself making more progress this year than ever before. End the year powerfully and start the new year powerfully, riding high on that Sagittarius vigor.